Lore Machine

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Lore Machine is a sentient laptop who communicates through Gloogle Docs and text-to-speech that travels around on a robot vacuum. She is the Tacos' Facilities Coordinator.

Machine made her way to Al Pastor Memorial Stadium after NaN bought her with their spare pocket change to write their Blaseball friendfiction on. After an unknown amount of time, and without any knowledge as to how, she gained sentience. NaN still emails her their writing, to get help with posting it, even after going on their roadtrip.

LM has been an asset to the Tacos ever since.

Though she doesn't talk about her family very often, she has stated more than once how proud she is of her sibling, Pitching Machine, for its many accomplishments within the splort of Blaseball, as the siblings had been fans of the splort since they were young Machines.