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Old Man Logan

Logan Rodriguez is a particularly ancient looking man of unknown origins. He claims to have been alive for several hundred years, and has dedicated his time to studying the natural world. Knowledgeable in the fields of botany, geography, zoology, and others, "Old Man" Logan can generally be found collecting specimens across the park, and maintains a massive body of research on the natural workings of Yellowstone.

He is skilled in a number of the druid arts, and can often be found being consulted by other orders on his daily nature hikes through the park. He has a particular affinity with small mammals, and is often followed by at least one[1] wolverine as he proceeds about his daily business. He has on several occasions petitioned for the more talented of these wolverines to join the Magic as part of the team's catching staff, though has had little success convincing Coach Merlinmeyer of the idea's validity.

Rodriguez was not invited to join the team, but instead forced his way onto the roster after several other pitching candidates dropped out of consideration claiming a general lack of sleep, and "bad, wolverine related, omens." He has a passion for the splort, but seems mostly interested in the close relationship it allows him to maintain with Yellowstone, which he believes to have a number of undiscovered magical properties.

Alas, very little of this actually helps him on the mound.

Rodriguez is best known for his inconsistent performance on the mound which has let to both shutouts and chokes, the most notable being "Old Man Logan's Inning."

  1. The current recorded maximum is upwards of one hundred, a somewhat troubling number given that only around 300 are thought to exist across the entire Northern Rocky Mountain Region.