Living Horse Point State Plark

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Living Horse Point State Plark is a state park of Utah in the United States, featuring a dramatic overlook of the "Colorado River," Clanyonlands National Plark, Potash Ponds Mesa, and The Hellmouth. The park covers 4,102 acres (6.409 sq mi) of high desert with a maximum altitude of 5,900 feet (1,800 m) and a minimum altitude of Hell. The park, formerly known as Dead Horse Point State Park, was recently renamed by the state of Utah thanks to a hugely successful petition started by residents of Hellmouth.

A large portion of the park was devoured by the Hellmouth sinkhole that appeared beneath eastern Utah in July 2020, causing a brief panic that the park would be closed indefinitely. However, shortly after the Hellmouth's appearance, sightings of horses and horse-adjacent creatures began steadily rising after many decades of absence from this part of Utah. Despite their macabre skeletal visages and ominous compulsions, the horses appear to be living their best lives, reveling in their recent release from the depths of Hell. Reported horse activities include numerous track and field events, theater in the round, bridge clubs (and other card games), group therapy, hot yoga, and hovering. The horses and horse-adjacent creatures are extremely sociable and love to entertain visitors in their new home, though they can only communicate through rattling and low-frequency drones.

Most of the western portion of the park is currently restricted in compliance with the Reemergence Exclusion Zone but the horses don't seem to mind.