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For the Weekly Modification which allows players to Party when they are losing, see Afterparty.
For the Modifications which make players Over- or Underperform in the Lateseason, see Late to the Party.

Life of the Party is a Team Modification, first season in the Season β6 Elections.


Players on teams with Life of the Party will gain more stat boosts whenever they Party.


The Miami Dale were the first team to receive the Modification, during the Season β6 Elections with the passing of the Enhanced Party Time Decree. The Decree passed with the following message:




Jasmine Washington was the first member of the Dale to party, on Day 94 of Season β7.

Expansion Era

The Expansion Era introduced Wills, including the Enrich Will which would give Teams a seasonal version of various Modifications. Fans were able to vote to Enrich their team with Life of the Party in Seasons 15 through 17. The Seattle Garages were the only team who gained the Modification this way, in the Season β15 Elections. The Garages proceeded to Party 14 times in the Season β16 Lateseason.

Life of the Party was also offered through the Gift Shop in Season 18 and 19, allowing Teams to gain the modification for that Lateseason. Eleven teams acquired the modification in Season 18: The Dale, Breath Mints, Jazz Hands, Lovers, Shoe Thieves, Wild Wings, Lift, Moist Talkers, Garages, Millennials, and Firefighters. In Season 19, nine teams acquired the Modification: The Moist Talkers, Millennials, Steaks, Sunbeams, Georgias, Dale, Fridays, Mechanics, and Firefighters.


  • The Dale were able to acquire two versions of Life of the Party in Season 18 and 19, when they had both a permanent and seasonal version of the modification. The two displayed on the Dale's page as separate modifications, implying that any Partying done by the Dale in those two seasons' Lateseason would accrue a 20% improvement on the base stat boost.
    • To date, the Dale are the only team who have carried the same modification twice, at the same time.
    • The exact effects of Life of the Party (Life of the Party) will remain unknown, however, as the Dale qualified for the Postseason in Season 18, and did not qualify for Party Time until Day 98 of Season 19 and failed to party in the final two games of the regular season.
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