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Lenny Marijuana/IF-41.803

Lenny Marijuana grew up around his father, an ex-professional blaseball player who pressured him into the splort. He was good enough to make the minor leagues as a batter, quickly becoming a fan favorite. Marijuana loved playing blaseball, but his real love were his two sons, Dominic and Randy, who he taught the splort to when they were old enough. When Dom was around eight, however, he was approached in the locker room by a mysterious shadow-y figure. It introduced itself as a broker from the Shadows, and offered Marijuana a deal, his sons’ future safety for his soul. Foolishly, Marijuana took this deal and ended up trapped in the Shadows.

Life in the Shadows

He wandered aimlessly for over a decade. The Shadows were dark and swallowed him like ink. He adapted, learned to peel back the smoke and peer through to watch his children play. Marijuana was proud of them, but it hurt to know he couldn’t be with them because of a reckless deal. He was watching when Randy was incinerated, and he never quite recovered from that, believing that the deal he made was a lie and he’d traded his life for nothing.

It wasn’t too long after Randy’s death that he came into contact with Mike Townsend, and an extremely close friendship formed between the two. They developed a system where Marijuana would see through the Shadows and narrate games to Townsend so he wouldn’t be out of the loop. Townsend was with him when Dominic was incinerated.


Marijuana and Townsend were taken from the Shadows at the end of Season 9. He was never sure why the Shadows finally let him go. He had a rough start coming into the league, people steering clear of him due to his striking resemblance to his sons, specifically Dominic. While in the Shadows, he developed many anxious habits, specifically fidgeting with his fingers. Because of this, he struggled with his new pitching position, but thrived with the drums, picking up an old hobby once he joined the Garages. He also retained a crippling fear of the dark.

Since coming out of the Shadows, Marijuana has opened up and developed relationships with people. The league has gotten more comfortable with him being around, especially after Season 10 Day X, when Dominic and Randall came back to fight the SHELLED ONE. Marijuana watched that game with pride, and finally got to speak with his sons upon their release and explain the situation. They are actively working on rebuilding their relationship. Alongside that, Marijuana also began dating pitchers for the Philly Pies, Elvis Figueroa over the Grand Siesta, after a close friendship evolved into sparks of love.

Marijuana is currently in the process of learning from his past mistakes and opening up to others. He is still impulsive, and a bit rough around the edges, but once people work past his hardened exterior, they find a man who cares about everyone in his life and works to be the best he can be.

Lenny Marijuana/IF-42.959

Early Life

Eleanor “Lenny” Marijuana (she/her) is the youngest sister to Dominic and Randall Marijuana. Like her brothers, she spent her childhood playing Blittle League and was enamored with blaseball from a young age. The three of them were close: Dom, as the oldest, was more of a caretaker figure to Lenny, and Randy was a troublemaker that inspired her to be a troublemaker too. They lived in close quarters and went to games frequently.

Life in the Shadows

When her brothers signed ILB contracts for the Millennials and Sunbeams, a young Lenny Marijuana was quick to follow in their footsteps. Unfortunately, she failed to realize that her contract had different terms. While she thought she was joining the Seattle Garages’ rotation, she quickly realized that she had actually joined their shadows and, due to the nature of the shadows, could no longer contact her brothers.

Marijuana was devastated, but gradually formed friendships with her fellow shadowed players. She rarely visited her brothers out of fear that they wouldn’t recognize her. Instead, she moved in with Goodwin Morin, who served as an aunt-like figure and caretaker. The rebellious Marijuana helped Morin cut loose, and Morin taught Marijuana valuable life skills about responsibility. During her time in the shadows, Marijuana went to Garages games frequently and learned more about the team. She also began learning to play bass guitar to prepare for the day that she would join the Garages’ active roster and band.

After Mike Townsend retreated to the shadows, he and Marijuana became fast friends. Townsend helped her learn to play bass and helped her bleach her hair, resulting in most of it falling out. In return she pierced his ears, which got infected. This cemented their friendship. The two could often be found together in the shadows baking together, body modding, or watching reality television shows like Tlop Chlef.

Unshadowing and Grand Siesta

Marijuana was randomly chosen to join the Garages’ pitching roster in the Season 9 elections. Having spent several seasons in the shadows, she was disoriented to rejoin society and deal with a new slate of problems, such as fans asking about her brothers and having to pay at restaurants instead of dining and dashing.

Her transition was made easier by Townsend coming with her, acting as a buffer between herself and the rest of the team. Marijuana was disheartened to discover that the Garages already had a bassist, and quickly dedicated herself to learning the glockenspiel. She was not present during the Hall Stars match; however, following Dom and Randy’s release, Marijuana was visibly more excited about playing blaseball.

Over the Grand Siesta, Marijuana adapted easily to life without blaseball, seeing as most of her life had been spent outside of the active roster. She had a brief career as a batter in the inaugural Coffee Cup playing for Cream & Sugar United. Marijuana hit one single. She dedicated this to her brothers, in her only on-the-record comment to date about Dom and Randy.

She and fellow former shadows player Sparks Beans went on a massive road trip and visited all of the continental United States, as well as several regions of Mexico and Canada. Marijuana said of the trip, “It was Sparks’s idea. It started out as a joke about regional coffee shops, but then next thing I knew we had this whole map planned out. And why not? If we have years of free time, why shouldn’t we go on an adventure and get kicked out of both Dakotas or a national park or something?”

Marijuana spent the rest of the Grand Siesta in Seattle. She became a frequent visitor of live music shows, particularly indie punk bands and the occasional trip to the Seattle Phlilharmonic Orchestra, and a regular at several different tattoo shops in the area. Marijuana maintained her close friendship with Mike Townsend despite new barriers caused by his retreat to the shadows. The two of them would regularly bake “together”: one of them would assemble dough or batter and leave it in a refrigerator in the Big Garage for the other to bake.

Expansion Era and Hades Tigers

The Expansion Era proved difficult for the Garages, with the team seeing a flurry of trades and new players. Marijuana struggled to keep up with not only the changes but a new and more ruthless blaseball. She leaned heavily on her teammates, particularly new teammate Alaynabella Hollywood, for support. Hollywood, a close friend of Randy’s, leaned in turn on Marijuana as she adjusted to being in Seattle.

After Chorby Soul joined the Garages, Marijuana became friends with them, citing Soul’s former relationship with her brother Dominic as a reason to feel close to them. She spent the following season supporting them in their consumer-fighting mission and making sure that they had a friend to unwind with. Following Soul’s eventual incineration, Marijuana said in an interview, “I’m just glad they don’t have to hurt anymore. Nobody deserves to go through that.” Soul was later resurrected and incinerated one more time, which Marijuana never commented on.

Marijuana spent Season 17 on the Hades Tigers, her first time leaving Seattle. While she was initially nervous, her boisterous and upbeat attitude was a welcome addition to the Tigers. She organized multiple parties, game nights, movie nights, and a laser tag tournament, the results of which are sealed in an official court document.

During her time on the team, Marijuana also had a friendly rivalry with Tigers pitcher Dunlap Figueroa; this rivalry was less to do with pitching and more to do with the fact that Marijuana was standing closest to Figueroa when ve decided that ve wanted a friendly rival. The rivalry, the Tigers’ passion, and Marijuana’s new fire blood all inspired her to approach her personal and pitching lives with a new level of zeal and lust for life.

Shadows, Carolina Queens, & Death

In Season 18, Marijuana returned to the Garages, and returned to the team’s shadows on Day 14 due to their Fax Machine. Marijuana was disappointed, but simultaneously relieved to be out of the spotlight. Inspired by her time in Hades, she began spending all her free time volunteering in the greater Seattle area. Initially Marijuana volunteered at a wide variety of services, including food banks, zoos, parks, women’s shelters, farmer’s markets, youth charities, and education initiatives.

Eventually, she found her passion in volunteer recruiting and coordination, something that allowed her to work with multiple nonprofit and community organizations at once. Marijuana became a staple of the Seattle volunteer community, helping organizations run events. She was infamous among some circles for her continued laser tag initiatives, which were controversial yet popular fundraisers.

Despite no longer being active on the Garages, Marijuana remained close with the team, and convinced many of her teammates to help volunteer at events that she coordinated. She was present at the game where Sparks Beans was incinerated, and was involved with subsequent memorials for Beans held by the Garages. She also kept close friendships with Hollywood and Townsend through their transfers to the Garages lineup.

As Season 24 approached, Marijuana could tell that something big was coming. She trained replacements for her nonprofit jobs, and began following blaseball again more closely. She was heartbroken when Townsend was redacted, and made a public vow to find him, wherever he went. Along with the rest of the Garages, Marijuana was made unstable by Parker MacMillan; she never made any public comment about this, but teammates noted that she seemed shaken by the ordeal.

Marijuana was stolen by The Cookout Thieves’ Guild - or more accurately, approached by a couple of members of the Carolina Queens and decided to join the team to help them out. She made fast friends with the Queens, particularly de facto captain Jazzmeralda Cevapcici, who allowed Marijuana to move in with her.

Marijuana was quickly brought into the Queens’ lineup by Voicemail, marking the second time in her life that she played as a batter. Following her long hiatus from blaseball, Marijuana was surprised to realize that despite her instability she was having fun again, for the first time in a long time.

During her third game on the Queens, Marijuana was incinerated by a rogue umpire. Despite her death, she was happy to enter the Hall of Flame and see Sparks Beans again. She was also excited when both the Tigers and Garages visited the Hall of Flame. Last reports from the Expansion Era say that Marijuana has left the Hall to explore the Black Hole, repeating her promise to find Townsend.


  • Marijuana is noted among the Garages as being a clothes thief, regularly stealing flannels, tights, hair dye, jerseys, shoes, socks, and belts from her teammates. The stealing has nothing to do with whether the items fit her, or whether she plans on wearing them. She will always return items if asked and keeps meticulous track of which items are from which teammate just in case, but such requests are rare.
    • During her tenure on the Tigers, Marijuana chose not to steal her teammates’ clothes. Upon her return to Seattle, she discovered a suitcase filled with random items from Tigers players, with a list of what belonged to whom. Marijuana immediately adopted these into her wardrobe.
  • Marijuana has had recurring dreams her entire life about being transformed into a duck. She describes these dreams to her teammates so often that several of them have reported experiencing the same dreams.
  • Marijuana has 1,291 puzzle game apps on her phone. She has finished seven of them. Most of them have fewer than one level completed.
  • Marijuana is a Gluinness World Record runner-up for most colors one person has ever dyed their hair. Says Marijuana, “I didn’t even know that Gluinness did runner-ups.”
  • Marijuana coordinates the largest lesbian book club in the Seattle area. She has described this as her most fulfilling volunteer job.
    • Following her incineration, the members of the club started a volunteer organization, Lenny’s Library, to run and sponsor diverse book clubs in local Seattle schools.

Lenny Marijuana/IF-70.51


█████████ "Lenny" Marijuana emerged from the Shadows during the Season 9 elections. When questioned by his new teammates, Lenny claimed to have no memory of any time before first waking up within the Shadows some time over the previous seasons. This lack of memory appeared to extend to any knowledge in regards to his two sons,  Dominic and Randall Marijuana. Further attempts at trying to converse with Marijuana about the two would later see him begin to insist that they were “not [his] kids”, and that he “[isn’t] their dad just because [he] might look like them.” and refuse to discuss the matter further.

Construction and Origins

During the Coffee Cup, Marijuana was reported as having spent time conversing with Sandoval Crossing and Sigmund Castillo. The exact nature of their conversations is unknown, but Marijuana has since claimed it gave him ‘a lot to think about’ and spurred his decision to sit down again with historians and give a more detailed interview regarding his time within the Shadows.

During this interview, Marijuana explained that he was indeed Lenny Marijuana, but that he hadn’t always been. Originally he had been a body created by the Big Garage out of the spare materials it had available (including posters, concrete, rebar, and shadows) and subsequently infused with a copy or fragment of its own awareness. After this initial creation, it later purchased an identity consisting of a name and appearance from a third party with a vending machine sandwich and some spare change from a wallet in the Lost-and-Found. He insisted that he had not been aware of any link between his purchased identity and existing members of the IBL at the time of buying, and added that “I might’ve picked something different for me to have when I let me go if I’d realised. At the time I just thought it sounded right, you know?”. The rest of his time within the Shadows was then dedicated to familiarizing himself with having a human body instead of being a building.

Marijuana also revealed that he has the ability to switch between the flesh-and-blood state of his purchased identity and the originally constructed form, but added that he doesn’t like doing it very often and refused to demonstrate. His current goal is to experience more of the world and gain a greater understanding of it before eventually reuniting with the Big Garage to explain these concepts to it and provide it with further understanding, and said he would figure out how to do this "at some point". When asked if he had purchased any other names or faces, he ended the interview by climbing out of a nearby window.

Since then, Marijuana can now be heard referring to the Big Garage as ‘I’ and ‘Myself’. Whilst this has led to some confused attempts at directions, the rest of the team have begun encouraging him to further embrace being open with his identity and further exploration of the Immaterial Plane.

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