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█████████ "Lenny" Marijuana emerged from the Shadows during the Season 9 elections. When questioned by his new teammates, Lenny claimed to have no memory of any time before first waking up within the Shadows some time over the previous seasons. This lack of memory appeared to extend to any knowledge in regards to his two sons,  Dominic and Randall Marijuana. Further attempts at trying to converse with Marijuana about the two would later see him begin to insist that they were “not [his] kids”, and that he “[isn’t] their dad just because [he] might look like them.” and refuse to discuss the matter further.

Construction and Origins

During the Coffee Cup, Marijuana was reported as having spent time conversing with Sandoval Crossing and Sigmund Castillo. The exact nature of their conversations is unknown, but Marijuana has since claimed it gave him ‘a lot to think about’ and spurred his decision to sit down again with historians and give a more detailed interview regarding his time within the Shadows.

During this interview, Marijuana explained that he was indeed Lenny Marijuana, but that he hadn’t always been. Originally he had been a body created by the Big Garage out of the spare materials it had available (including posters, concrete, rebar, and shadows) and subsequently infused with a copy or fragment of its own awareness. After this initial creation, it later purchased an identity consisting of a name and appearance from a third party with a vending machine sandwich and some spare change from a wallet in the Lost-and-Found. He insisted that he had not been aware of any link between his purchased identity and existing members of the IBL at the time of buying, and added that “I might’ve picked something different for me to have when I let me go if I’d realised. At the time I just thought it sounded right, you know?”. The rest of his time within the Shadows was then dedicated to familiarizing himself with having a human body instead of being a building.

Marijuana also revealed that he has the ability to switch between the flesh-and-blood state of his purchased identity and the originally constructed form, but added that he doesn’t like doing it very often and refused to demonstrate. His current goal is to experience more of the world and gain a greater understanding of it before eventually reuniting with the Big Garage to explain these concepts to it and provide it with further understanding, and said he would figure out how to do this "at some point". When asked if he had purchased any other names or faces, he ended the interview by climbing out of a nearby window.

Since then, Marijuana can now be heard referring to the Big Garage as ‘I’ and ‘Myself’. Whilst this has led to some confused attempts at directions, the rest of the team have begun encouraging him to further embrace being open with his identity and further exploration of the Immaterial Plane.