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Lang Richardson/IF-14.597

Lang Richardson, noted fan of the theatre, is known for making frequent trips into the sewers of Philadelphia City sewers to hunt for "sewer ghosts", which he posts pictures and videos of online in the hopes of securing a television deal, or possibly some really scary found footage if it goes poorly, like the movie bair wlitch.

Lang has a set of Ghost Hunting gear that he wears on his expeditions, namely a blaseball bat with a ghost-repelling sage candle tied to it, a ghost attracting electric lantern with modular tinted shutters, gun, and his hand-made glow in the dark Hamilton tshirt (the one with the guy standing on the star that kinda looks like Freddie Mercury).

He has listed his motivations for these excursions as "Graves are in the ground, so it'd make sense that they're in sewers. Right?", "The ghost from Phantom of the Opera is real! It's still out there and I'm going to find her! It was autobiographical!" and "I want to see some wicked Orbs, God Damn". Lang has also made trips further afield to New York City, stating "I'm gonna meet Mr Hamilton's ghost, I love his work so much I just have to tell him" and "I'm going to show him Ready Player One so he can catch up on what he's missed". As of yet, he has yet to meet Mr Hamilton, but it is unclear as to whether it's because Mr Hamilton is not a ghost, or if it's just because Lang doesn't know what he looks like.

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