LCD Soundsystem

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LCD Soundsystem is a Ballpark Modification that will boost both players involved in a Feedback swap by 5%. LCD Soundsystem was first offered in Season β15.


The LCD Soundsystem was first offered in Season β15 with the description "Build a luminous, towering LCD Soundsystem to make Feedback more exciting for both players involved."

The first recorded LCD Soundsystem activation took place on Season β18, Day 6 during the Feedback swap of Howell Rocha and Riley Firewall in the Miami Dale's Ballpark, Miami International Arena, in a game against the Breckenridge Jazz Hands.

Ballpark Additions

The LCD Soundsystem was built:

LCD Soundsystem Activations

Season Day Player A Player B Stadium
18 06 Howell Rocha Riley Firewall 🚤Miami International Arena
18 64 Avila Guzman Dudley Mueller 🕵️An Undisclosed Location
19 02 Sosa Hayes Siobhan Chark 🔱Atlantean Dome
23 47 Siobhan Chark Sosa Hayes 🕵️An Undisclosed Location
23 95 Spears Rogers Famous Owens 👐Breckenridge Community Field
23 95 Siobhan Chark Walton Sports 👐Breckenridge Community Field
23 95 Spears Rogers Famous Owens 👐Breckenridge Community Field


  • The first recorded activation of LCD Soundsystem multiple times in one game took place on Season β23, Day 95, in a game between the Breckenridge Jazz Hands and the Hades Tigers. The LCD Soundsystem activated three times total, with two activations triggered by Feedback swaps between Spears Rogers and Famous Owens.
  • The name of this Modification is a reference to the real-life band LCD Soundsystem. The text displayed when it is activated, "The LCD Soundsystem is playing at the [team's] house!" is a reference to their song "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House".