Al Pastor Memorial Park

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Al Pastor Memorial Park (also known as the LA Taquería) is the home ballpark of the LA Unlimited Tacos. It is presumably situated in Los Angeles, the home of the Tacos, and named for Al Pastor, the current manager of the Tacos.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Al Pastor Memorial Park by @DeeJayRingis


The ballpark is thought to be located in the middle of the infamous six-way stop sign intersection in Bleverly Hills. Despite the ballpark's construction in ███, the roadway has continued to function as an active intersection to this day. Games scheduled during rush hour traffic are known to be especially hazardous, though interference from distracted drivers is not considered foul play.

Since the end of Season β4, Al Pastor Memorial Park has been home to a growing population of Scuttles. Visitors are advised not to feed or attempt to pet the creatures, no matter how friendly they may seem.

It is rumored that the area under the ballpark is filled with ground beef and pico de gallo. It goes for miles and miles underneath the surface of the Earth and is mined for all of the world's taco production.


The signature snack of Al Pastor Memorial Park is the Hotdaco, a hot dog served in a hard taco shell. It is one of the many[source?] options available at the Taco Chariot , which is an oft-advertised perk for fans of the team.