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Kennedy is married. This came as a surprise to many of the Crabs, who did not even realize that he was married to the person he kept bringing over to their gatherings, until the very day of ascension when he brought up in conversation, "I am going to miss my husband." Kennedy's husband is named Terry. They love each other very much. Terry doesn't really 'get' the whole blaseball thing, but hey, it's Ken's job, and they want to be supportive.

Terry is short for

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Terminus Loser. Nobody has any idea how it came to be, but Kennedy is husbands with the end of everything. It isn't a god, sure, or there'd be hands, but it's a spirit or an aspect or a manifestation and it kinda freaks everyone out that this is a thing? When they kiss, it's like Kennedy is embracing a spiraling tower of dust. It entropied the living room couch. They're really cute together we can all admit but it's just hard to have a conversation with it.

Ever since they started dating, any deck of cards Kennedy possesses gradually become only the Tower.