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Kennedy is married. This came as a surprise to many of the Crabs, who did not even realize that he was married to the person he kept bringing over to their gatherings, until the very day of ascension when he brought up in conversation, "I am going to miss my husband." Kennedy's husband is named Terry. They love each other very much. Terry doesn't really 'get' the whole blaseball thing, but hey, it's Ken's job, and they want to be supportive.

Terry is short for

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Teraphim Loser. Terry was in the direct employ of the Olde One prior to the day of reckoning. Listless and indescribable in the wake of her death, they wore their regret and blasphemy both, like a security blanket, and lashed out at the city for years. Kennedy met them when he was volunteering at his synagogue's drop-in, seeing them draw a tarot spread once they were settled in with a hot meal. The two of them got to talking. It wasn't a fast friendship, as a member of the Crabs, Kennedy was held to a certain image in Terry's mind that called back to that violent day, and some wounds hadn't yet healed.

The pair crossed paths a number of times after that, but as adversaries. Two wandering souls rebelling against one another just to rebel. They fought for years, undermining and one-upping the other, getting the drop on each other by way of divination. They left chaos and carnage whenever they met, and from that chaos they formed a communiqué, and from that there formed rapport. And as their relationship escalated, so too did the maelstrom of violence that surrounded it.

At some point, something snapped for them. They met, for the second time ever, quietly. And they sat on the docks overlooking the Bay, and they asked each other where all of this is heading. They talked all night, and Terry crashed on Kennedy's couch after, and somehow, it just...stuck.

Afterwards, both of them noticeably mellowed out. Ken in particular had been holding on to the hurt he felt at losing Finn James during the reckoning, and together with Terry they learned to mend each other's wounds, and then their own.

Terry apparently was close friends with Baldwin Breadwinner, but never talked about them with Ken. Supposedly they met in circles of darker esotericism than the practices they shared with their husband. This was all only discovered during the time of ascension, when the two of them would share stories of their antics.