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Jordan Hildebert/IF-13.17888

When Jordan first left the Spies and had to get a job, they just took the last name of the HR employee who was interviewing them. When the HR employee pointed it out, Jordan just kept yelling "HILDEBERT" over and over again. The HR employee eventually conceded.

Jordan Hildebert/IF-1724.223

Following the debut of the Pitching Machine in Season 8, was often spotted curiously examining the Pitching Machine's Tlopps card. When asked, they stammered out a denial, but their embarrassed beeping, illuminated emotion indicators, and rapidly spinning cooling fans suggested they'd developed a crush on the Machine. J-ORDAn has not told the Machine of their feelings and the Spies have asked for their privacy to be respected, but one member of the Agency stated that they found this detail "too cute not to share."

Jordan Hildebert/IF-333.49

Jordan Hildebert gets really mad if you bring up Max Stirner around them. It's really funny, they start making dial up noises if you egg them on long enough.

Jordan Hildebert/IF-45.571

Jordan Hildebert is a master of dialectics and political rhetoric, and they are very aware of this fact. They are well known for holding up meetings—whether those are team meetings, local political organization meetings, or deciding what to have for dinner—because they don't believe that the debate rhetoric is sound enough. In political meetings, they have a reputation for interrupting because proposed motions are not sufficiently anarchist for their taste. They prefer talking about and demonstrating their knowledge of theory to actually acting, and have been known to put a stop to others' actions for arbitrary theoretical reasons.

In fact, Hildebert racked up the highest number of "Everyone Else - 1" votes in recorded history, forcing the Spies to implement a limitation on consensus blocks. Hildebert also attempted to block this measure, which backfired by making the case for block limitations stronger. The measure passed unanimously while Hildebert stepped out for a smoke break. Hildebert is now required to submit a defense of their block in writing, which must not include the word "theoretically," nor its synonyms at any point.

Jordan Hildebert/IF-60.67

Jordan Hildebert once held up a team meeting for nearly 45 minutes because they did not feel like everyone was fully sold on the new practice schedule and wanted to maintain full consensus decision making. Just twenty minutes into the conversation, fellow Spies Teddy Holloway and Son Scotch were begging to be let out of the meeting, Karato Bean had fallen asleep, and Malik Romayne left to prepare snacks. Whether consensus was reached or whether everyone simply gave up is currently unknown.

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