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Intuitive is a Player Modification, first seen in the Season β18 election as a result of the A Natural blessing.


Whenever a player with Intuitive is moved between the Lineup and Rotation, they will receive a 10% stat increase. If a player is moved from the Lineup to the Rotation, their pitching will receive the increase, whereas moving from the Rotation to the Lineup will increase their hitting.

Intuitive does not give players a stat increase if their move between the Lineup and Rotation was done via the Shadows.


During the Season β18 election, the Tokyo Lift won the A Natural blessing, giving the Intuitive modification to pitcher Cudi Di Batterino.

Intuitive's only activation occurred during the Season β21 election, where Di Batterino was traded from the Canada Moist Talkers' Rotation to the Lift's Lineup, granting them a hitting stat increase of 2.1 2.7 .


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