Infinite Mill Creek

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Infinite Mill Creek is a small tributary stream in Hellmouth, Utah. It is the new form of the historic Mill Creek, created by the drastically shifted terrain around the rim of the Hellmouth sinkhole. It now serves as a protective moat around The Solarium, and it remains a popular recreation area in Hellmouth thanks to its cool clear waters, inscrutable geometry, and endless hiking trail.


Mill Creek formerly originated in the La Sal Mountains, then flowed west through the town of Moab, Utah where it joined the Colorado River. It was well-regarded for its scenic swimming holes, waterfalls, and hiking trails. When The Hellmouth opened beneath the region, it swallowed the portion of the Colorado River where it met Mill Creek and created a horrible convergence of basins, sinkholes, and teeth among the ruins of western Moab. The massive geological upheaval and distressing separation from the Colorado River inexorably shifted its flow, creating a non-euclidean space inside the banks of the roughly circular creek.

Spatial Characteristics

Observers of the creek have described several impossible, irreconcilable geographic features:

  • From the outer bank, it appears as an unbroken stream, circling The Solarium and terminating in large falls at both ends. Its geometrically irresolvable flow creates a dizzying backward-motion illusion when stared at.
  • When viewed from above, it clearly flows into The Hellmouth and its outer sinkholes at several locations, but it is impossible to determine its origin, nor any reemergences like those of the “Colorado River.” The area does not appear to inspire the same deadly passions as the Reemergence, leading experts to believe that this creek is simply better at keeping secrets.
  • After crossing the creek, it appears to converge into an infinite circular flow, ringed on its inner bank by a lovely hiking trail and bordered on the outer bank by the grounds of the Hellmouth Beautification Society.
  • It is possible to walk a full 720 degrees around the trail before returning to the location of one’s initial crossing.
  • While walking, scenery on the outer bank appears to shift and fold, disappearing and reappearing from view as the observer moves. Experts postulate that this effect is intended to obscure the non-euclidean nature of the space for the enjoyment of visitors, or perhaps for an unknown, more sinister purpose.
  • Visitors have reported an array of other mild visual phenomena on the outer bank, though only in the direction of The Tug. These include a silvery haze, double- or triple-vision, Salt, shadowy figures brandishing knives, and low-frequency quivering.
  • While The Solarium is clearly visible from the outer bank of the creek, it shifts out of view after crossing and only becomes accessible after walking a complete 360 degrees around the circle. Some speculate that the creek creates this effect to protect the Solarium, but none can say from what.
  • When an individual or object crosses the creek, it appears to shift in and out of view, as if passing behind curtains.


The waters of the creek are fresh, cool, and delicious, and their taste seems to differ depending on the individual experiencing it, possibly related to the olfactory effect of The Hellmouth. Non-adapted humans who drink from the creek report their adaptation accelerating to roughly 1.5x the normal rate. All who imbibe report a growing desire to take up permanent residence in the city of Hellmouth, but they do not experience The Tug until their adaptation has completed.