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Hoops is a Ballpark Modification introduced in Season β19 Earlsiesta that has a chance of letting the next player go for an 'alley oop' and score an extra run after a batter hits a home run.


Hoops has a chance to activate when a player scores a home run, and allows the next player in the lineup to attempt an alley oop to score an additional run, even if they are Elsewhere or Shelled.

An alley oop is counted as a separate play, so if a run is inverted due to Underhanded, Subtractor, or Underachiever, the alley oop maintains its original orientation and may cancel out the unrun. Likewise, if the player trying to make the alley oop is a Subtracted that has no effect on the run. However in Negative Polarity Weather, the alley oop is counted as an Unrun alongside the original run.  


Hoops first appeared in the Season β19 Earlsiesta as an available ballpark renovation.

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Hoops were installed: