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Rumor / Community Lore
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Personal Life

Henry Marshallow is a Pitcher for the Philly Pies and a former backup dancer for the Seattle Garages cover band, the Sleattle Glarages. He is a very, very buff marshmallow man. He plays shirtless and his number (94) is prominently tattooed on his back. In the customary Garages fashion he ties his jersey around his waist. Marshallow's trousers have dragons on them which most people agree is rad.

Many people mistake his last name for "Marshmallow," but they are incorrect. Marshallow pronounces his last name as "mar-shal-low," enunciating every syllable. Everyone else pronounces his name either as "marsh-allow" or "marshmallow". Marshallow has tried to correct them. This has been to no avail.

He is quiet and thoughtful, described as a sweetheart by people who know him. Before blaseball he unsuccessfully tried to run a food truck dealing in artisanal s'mores. During the off-season, Marshmallow volunteers at a museum of Historic Soap close to the Garages' stadium.

Since joining the Philly Pies, Henry Marshallow has developed a friendship with Beasley Day. Some claim Beasley only follows him because he enjoys his taste, yet this has been denied. He has also become a taste-tester and gastronomical designer for Tastykake.

Marshallow’s transfer to Philly did create a problem however, as pitcher Ruslan Greatness already had the number 94 and making new jerseys in his size was outside of the teams budget. The two decided to resolve the dispute by an arm-wrestling match which Greatness won. Instead of getting his tattoo removed , Marshallow just has a teammate write a third number to supplement the 94. The team has not come to a consensus on what number this should be however, and Marshallow has been known to play as 194, 294, 943 etc. Fans have even noticed he plays as .94 when Jode Preston is called to write. This has led to an explosion of merch sales, with fans buying 20 jerseys and putting on the correct one once Marshallow gets on the mound.

Kaiju Phase

During the Season 11 Enhanced Party Time, Marshallow stumbled into the Piebrary beneath Tastykake Stadium and accidentally knocked over a shelf of occult pie recipes. This caused Marshallow to be possessed by just an absolute smorgasbord of evil spirits and he transformed into the hundred-stories-tall legendary monster Glozer'Arritkatlu Marada'Dukay (roughly translated "The Stayed Buft Marshallow Man"). The giant Marshallow proceeded to rampage around Tastykake Stadium and the surrounding neighborhood.

In order to minimize the damage, Philadelphia transformed into its shadow persona Philadeltrix: the Marquis of Pain and wrestled Marshallow into submission. The remaining pies soothed the monster by having Beasley Day use his most adorable puppy eyes and by having Ruslan Greatness compliment Marshallow's muscle definition. This gave enough time for Lang Richardson to run to his apartment and grab his homemade ghost hunting kit, which the team used to successfully exorcise the spirits from Marshallow.

After the spirits left him, Marshallow returned to his original size. However, the residual spiritual energy in his body greatly improved the quality of his pitching. After some prodding and withering looks, Marshallow agreed to put half of his weekly paychecks to repairing the damage his rampage caused.