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Hendricks Richardson has 2 page filled in his binder so far.

Hendricks Richardson/Page-3

Source: Snapchat

From: Throckmorton Smooth

Additional Info: Sent to the tablet of Hendricks Richardson at 12:37pm Tuesday, ████ ████████, 20██. Hendricks took the screencap entirely by accident, and then spent a subsequent four hours figuring out how to print the picture.

Message Body:

A hairless cat boy, Throckmorton Smooth, is standing in a classroom and dabbing. On his shoulders is a trans flag being worn as a cape. He is wearing red, white, and gold sneakers and a green sweater shirt with flowers. Behind him is a blackboard that reads "Professor Hendricks R-" and below that "Econ 372-04). A banner across the image says the words "Trans Rights"

Hendricks Richardson/Page-32

Source: Email

From: Throckmorton Smooth ([email protected])

Subject: For Your Consideration

Message body:

Sup Prof,

A nonbinary flag colored frog sitting under text that reads: “You’re none biney? That’s poggers bro.”

See you at ECON 313!


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