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When weather events occur that reshuffle the league in some way, we have a series of checklists to follow to properly update the wiki. The vast majority of recordkeeping is handled by a dedicated team of Recordkeepers via Discord; if you are interested in contributing regularly, please reach out! Where possible, format player opening paragraphs and Official League Records entries in accordance with Help:Example Player.

Is It Automated?

A number of features of this wiki are maintained through bots, API connections, or other automated functions that require no human intervention (and in fact are likely to break if humans do intervene). These features generally update within 24 hours of a change taking place. Other tasks are maintained solely through human activity, and can take as much as a week to update. Below is a list of which activities are automated, and which could use your assistance as a wiki contributor.

Automated tasks

  • All weather events (season page, weather event page)
  • Debt-related events (mainly Observed for now)
  • Player profiles and infoboxes (current team, star ratings, interview information, modifications(but not former team))
  • Team rosters (team pages, team infoboxes (but not former players))

Human tasks

  • Any and all paragraph-formatted text on the wiki. This includes descriptions of election events on a player or team page, descriptions of new game mechanics, records of NPC speeches, writeups of major canonical events, and anything else that isn't even remotely close to being generated by a robot.
  • Former players in each team's navigation box at the bottom of a page (capped at the five most recent former players)
  • Creation of brand new player pages (due to incineration, births, etc)
    • Locking and unlocking of player pages is something you can always ask for since we can't keep track of what we've locked for some reason.

If a page you want to work on is locked, feel free to contact a moderator to unlock the page for you! There are few pages that we deliberately keep locked away from public editing.


The format for recording most events is available on Help:Example Player. We recommend performing all edits in the Source Editor.


In the event of an Incineration:

  • Create a new player with Form:Player. Find and spell out the full name exactly as it appears on
  • Select Team Name from menu
  • Select Position from menu
  • List Season and Day the player entered the ILB
  • Enter Last Name exactly as it appears on
  • In Summary, write "player creation for [team]"
  • Uncheck "Watch this page" as desired
  • Click save page, then open the page up
  • Edit the debut line for the relevant details of how the player entered the league
  • List the day (in US Pacific Local Time) that the player joined an active roster in the infobox (the dates argument)
  • Add the player's UUID (the string of letters and numbers at the end of the player page URL) to the Player template (the uuid argument)

After the game finishes, part two!

  • On the incinerated player's page, update Infobox (change active dates, add final team as former), update Categories (add former team, add Incinerated Players), update intro paragraph to dead format, add OLR entry.
  • On the team's page, update Former Players section of the Roster (if it exists)
  • On the team's Roster (Template:TeamRoster, e.g. DaleRoster, MoistTalkersRoster), place incinerated player at the front (first entry) of the Former Player section; delete the last name if more than five exist

Feedback Swap

This goes better with two people since there are a few moving parts that can be easy to lose track of. Split the task between the teams. Additionally, wait until the game has concluded.

For each player in the swap, change the following:

For each team involved in the swap, change the following:

  • Team roster, former section (use the microphone emoji for the former roster, place at the front of the row, delete the last player if more than 5)
  • Team page, Former Players section (if present)

Shadow Fax

This has fewer moving parts, and can be completed with one person, though a second person can be helpful.

No edits are made to the team's page or Roster template.

Team Reverb

Player Reverberating

  • add OLR entry

Nav Box Emojis

When updating navboxes, use the following emojis for their respective events:

  • 🔁 Traded
  • 🔥 Incinerated
  • 🎤 Feedbacked
  • ➡️ Sent Away
  • 🥜 Taken by the Shelled One
  • 🔳 Redacted

These emojis can be selected using Template:NavBoxEmoji.

Scheduled Occurrences

wikitools can be used to convert feed events to wikitext for each of these phases. These updates are typically handled by Recordkeepers; apply here if you're interested in becoming a Recordkeeper.





  • Add final standings to season page
  • Add pages for playoff births
  • Add season MVPs to Idols
  • Update OLRs for Legendary players to indicate that they are Preserved.
  • Add MVP announcement dialog to the relevant entity page

Postseason end


See elections checklist spreadsheet (on the wiki Discord server) for full list of tasks.