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Last updated: 2022-06-13

Timeline Updates

The Timeline page draws from the section labeled "Notable Events" on every Season page, but many of those Season pages need updates either to record those events or fill in past gaps in knowledge. In an attempt to help with these updates, we've catalogued the below events in each Season. Some may belong under their Season's "Notable Events," others may need to be added to other pages elsewhere in the wiki:

Season 11 (Finished)

  • Election Ballot with Closing (ballparks), Defacing(?), and Eating (concessions) of the forbidden book
  • Major Arcana distributed

Coffee Cup (Finished)

  • Inter Xpresso players gain Perk
  • Real Game Band Observed+Percolated

Season 12 (Finished)

  • Blaseball resumes after anywhere between a decade and 18 years
  • Concessions replaces shop, Snack Pack now available
  • Wills added to Election system
  • Two new siestas ("the events of the latesiesta are still unknown")
  • Feed introduced
  • Tacos renamed

Construction of the Crabitat

  • Crabs start funding @Earlsiesta
  • Construction completed @Latesiesta
  • Other teams can view ballparks @Latesiesta

The Crabs Descend

  • Black Hole weather forecasts switching out for Flooding
  • Latesiesta: Emergency Alert
  • Crabs+Expansion teams Descend
  • New weather after latesiesta: Flooding+Elsewhere

S12 Election

  • Based Evolution decree voted in - Tigers evolve and gain Evo Mod Ambush
  • Trust grants Flippers mod
  • Revoke Will gives Pudge Nakamoto Roamin' mod
  • Blessings give Uncle Plasma to Mills, Liquid Friend to Lovers

Season 13 (Finished)

Ongoing Flooding

  • Flooding and Elsewhereing continues, players may return Scattered (now known what it does)

MVP Voting

-MVP voting - Idol Board updated -List of Season 13 MVPs

Sutton Picklestein's Necromancy

-Sutton necromanced in S13 elections via double-plundering, immediately Returns to the Hall

Disappearance of Friendo and Seeth

  • Friendo was a S13 Mint postseason birth; Seeth was a CHST S12 birth
  • Both given Redacted modification during S13 elections
  • Coin remarks on Friendo's disappearance
  • Commissioner tweets that Ownership has enlisted investigators

Election events of note

  • FFs revoke Mags Banananana, Crabs revoke Evelton McBlaseII, Mills revoke Alejandro Leaf, Mechs revoke Jasper Blather, Mints revoke Stew Briggs
  • Trust Will grants Uncertain to Pitching Machine
  • Sun Dialled and Unholey, team mods linking to boost with Sun 2 and impairing opponent with Black Hole activation, go to Tacos and Crabs
  • New Idol blessings - Super Idol on Nagomi McDaniel

Season 14 (Finished)

Investigation into Friendo and Seeth

  • Friendo and Seeth redacted following S13 elections
  • Detectives “have a hunch” on D99, Meadow and Choux stadium become Crime Scenes

Second Wyatt Masoning

  • Earlsiesta Season Readings gave Wyatt Quitter + Moses Mason the Receiver modification(joining NaN and Sixpack Dogwalker)
  • Earlsiesta also allowed all teams to build Psychoacoustics in their ballparks
  • Teams who built Psychoacoustics gained a Wyatt Mason with Echo modification
  • Wyatts Mason would Echo other players’ modifications, and Receivers would also temporarily gain said modifications
  • Echoing a player with Echo modification would make both players turn into static; Echoing a player with Receiver modification would make the Receiver player’s mod turn to Echo
  • Wyatt Quitter faded into Static along with all WMs except IV and X

Credit to the League

  • S14 Earlsiesta, Boss makes a speech
  • Boss introduces Levels and Ratings for Teams
  • Consumer attacks start on Day 86 on teams with the Red Dot

Election events of note

  • MTs revoke Bright Zimmerman, Dale revoke Beck Whitney
  • Trust Will gives Homebody modification to Magic+Sunbeams+Mechs
  • Chorby Soul+York Silk necroplundered
  • Yellowstone Magic gain Precognition (Chorby Short, Kurt Crueller, Tiana Wheeler)
  • All You Can Eat Decree passed - Start of the New economy and snack pack optimisation

Season 15 (Finished)

Further Disappearances

  • York and Chorby resurrected, their Debt inflicts week-long Observed on players
  • Observed players have a chance of being Redacted when playing in Coffee 2 or Coffee 3s weather
  • List of observed>Coffee redacted players (including LF)
  • Uncle Plasma enters Crime Scene at Choux and Meadow
  • Latesiesta brings construction of Secret Bases, Debt-Observed players can walk into Secret Bases and become Redacted, re-emerge from other Secret Bases with Attractor
  • Tad Seeth also emerged from secret base

Live Bait

  • Chorby Soul necromancy reveals large soul scream increases Garages’ level, leading to frequent Consumer Attacks and taking chunks off their Soulscream
  • Nagomi McDaniel and Alyssa Harrell also attacked, losing Soul entirely and becoming Redacted

Election Events of Note

  • Decree: Bats. All players on an active roster receive a Bat, players now have Item tabs
  • New Will: Alternate Trust. Grants new Alternates Parasite (chosen by Lift, Wild Wings, Fridays
  • Crabs reform Kennedy Loser’s Flinch to Haunted
  • Magic attempt to Plunder a Redacted Chorby Short (and Flowers with Nagomi McDaniel); Short+McDaniel remain Redacted and gain Unstable modification
  • Lootcrates appears for the first time

Season 16 (Finished)

Attractive Attractors

  • Brisket Friendo appears from Secret Base D1, is batted in, joins Crabs’ shadows
  • List of Attractor players who exited Secret Bases in S16
  • Liquid Friend emerges, joins Jazz Hands Shadows with Scrambled Mod

Other Happenings

  • Salmon Cannons available for renovations, after Earlsiesta they start sending visiting team players Elsewhere and eject Consumers
  • MVP voting continues; York Silk and Nagomi McDaniel are now Ego++++


  • Alternate Trust gives Steaks’ Polkadot Patterson, FF’s Socks Maybe, Jazz Hands’ Elijah Valenzuela Careful Mod
  • Chorby Soul Necroplundered (again)
  • Lots of new Blessings (and also Community Chest decree) playing with new Item mechanic

Season 17 (Finished)

  • List of Attractor players who exited secret Bases in S17

Legendary players

  • York Silk and Nagomi McDaniel receive a 5th MVP and gain Legendary mod
  • Lootcrates remarks upon the occasion
  • “It is unknown at this time what it means for a player to be Legendary, Vaulted, or Preserved”.


  • Library revealed via Decree
  • FFs gain On Deck blessing, alternating their shadows revealing Attractors lose their mod and “feel renewed” when Alternated

Season 18 (Finished)

New Editions

  • Chorby Soul preserved
  • Library construction completed, First Day, 1st edition yields initial insights
  • Gift Shop appears (opens Earlsiesta, gifts given at Latesiesta), Replicas of Chorby Soul, Nagomi McDaniel, and York Silk made available; Bargain Bin is now available for shenanigans
  • S17 Elections Fairgrounds decree turns some games into Prize Matches for an item drop
  • New reno: hotel motel
  • D12: New record for longest game played
  • New Legendaries: Aldon Cashmoney, Goodwin Morin, Pitching Machine
  • Nerd Pacheco, first and only player to be hit with a Superallergic reaction

Reader’s Reply

  • S18 Earlsiesta reading interrupted by Boss insisting readings would henceforth be cancelled
  • Reader then turned Justice Spoon + Lotus Mango Negative
  • Reader creates new Decree: Trust Fall
  • Reader adds new Blessings: Cape of Containment, Bon Voyage, Graphene, Open Floor Plan, and Alternate Trust appears in Reader Purple also


  • Turntables decree turns all Wins earned from Non-losses in the regular season into Unwins
  • Ratification turns Turntables and and Hotel Motel into non-physical law
  • Hype Train Decree also passes
  • Alternate Trust gives one player on Spies, Mechs, Georgias, MTs, Lift (JT), Shoe Thieves, WW, Garages (Brisket Friendo), Mills, FF (Justice Spoon) Negative
    • Justice Spoon, who already had Negative, gains Undertaker (can flip players negative when they go Elsewhere)
  • Worms Revoke Tad Seeth, Lovers revoke NaN, FFs revoke Agan Harrison
  • Replicas fade to Dust - Replicas not on an active roster (Soul II (REDACTED), Soul III (Incinerated) do not

Season 19 (Finished)

  • Turntables makes standings extremely funky this season - teams that win a lot have a large number of Unwins, so the teams with the worst regular season win records go on to the post season
  • Tokyo Lift win


  • Boss tells Fans to repeal turntables
  • Reader does a reading anyway, doing 24 readings and giving out 8 Undertaker Modifications, 8 Uncertain Modifications, 8 Seeker Modifications
  • Reader also adds new stuff to the Election Ballot: Moderation (MTs), Underhanded, Subtractor, Go Big Go Home


  • Gift Tally was miscounted, various teams receive a Free Gift for the next latesiesta
  • replicas distributed (Goodwin Morin II, III, IV; Aldon Cashmoney II, III, IV)


  • Valentine Games becomes Legendary


  • Turntables are not repealed. Under Achiever instates the Underbracket
  • Revoking a Roamin’ player gives them On An Odyssey mod (Bright Zimmerman)
  • Alternate Trust makes players Negative again
  • Paula Turnip re-rolled from Super Idol to Credit to the Team (RIV)
  • Michelle Sportsman gains Underhanded
  • Jesus Koch gains the Super Roamin’ Fifth Base
  • Sun(Sun) is forged - makes it so the value of all Wins+Unwins is Squared, making -1 value of Unwins become +1
  • Goodwin Morin III does not fade to dust (Faxed out, faxes back in Season 20 and fades to dust at the end of S20)

Season 20 (Finished)

  • Jesus Koch puts down the Fifth Base in Tastycake stadium on D38

Fun bullhockey from the previous season’s elections

  • First Season of the Underbracket
  • Michelle Sportsman gives us a taste of the incoming Underhanded Meta
  • Sun(Sun) has a pressure gauge now


  • Reader reveals the Depth Chart


  • Tunnels are introduced and Ratified. Pitchers can now attempt Heists, stealing items from the opposing team (but running Elsewhere when caught)
  • Ball Pit, Balloons, and Light Switch also introduced
  • Replicas distributed (Valentine Games II, III; Chorby Soul IV, V, VI, VII; Goodwin Morin II)
  • Underhanded Cap Drop acquired by half the fucking league (ok it was 16 of them)


  • Sun 30 kicks in
  • Lots of blessings inverting the eDensity of players
  • Many players are now Magnified
  • Paula Turnip rolls Credit to the Team > Homebody
  • Silvaire Roadhouse’ Flinch Mod rerolled to Debt (Unstable edition)


  • Uncle Plasma and Liquid Friend’s investigation concludes; the pair are given Legendary Status
  • Liquid friend is Unscrambled, Taken, Decocted, Placed on the Bar, and Served

Season 21 (Finished)

  • Yolked Investigators can fight off Consumers
  • James Mora becomes Legendary


  • New stadium mods - Voicemail, Bird Hotel, Flood Balloons.


  • Replicas distributed (Val Games II, Uncle Plasma II, III, IV; Liquid Friend II, III, IV; Pitching Machine II, III; Chorby Soul Soul Edition (with Chorby’s Soul eDense Item), IV, V)
  • Balloons, Voicemail, and Bird Hotel Ratified


  • New Weather: Sun.1
  • Sun(Sun)’s pressure builds to 44.06, then recharged to 17.82
  • NaN and Tad Seeth revoked and now On An Odyssey

Season 22 (Finished)

  • Boss announces semi-centennial
  • Wyatt Glover achieves Legendary status


  • Gift Shop now offers a staggering array of Replicas, including: Cote Loveless, Trader New Megan Ito, Phoenix Clare Ballard
  • New stadium mod: Phantom Thieves Guild; immediately Ratified


  • Equal Sun, Sum Sun, Maximum Sun
  • Still more eDensity shenanigans at play


  • Vault+Rising Stars revealed

Season 23 (Finished)

  • new weather per Season 22 election decree: Sum sun
  • Equal Sun and Maximum Sun are also now in effect
  • Decrees + Wills were unavailable in S23, Party Favours debut instead - Roamless, Squiddish, Avoidance, Containment
  • Blessings were a “Greatest Hits” selection from previous 22 seasons, plus Vault Swap and Enhance
  • Paula Turnip becomes Legendary


  • Reader shows up and says hi


  • Various teams build a stadium mod to give more Night+ weather (effect discovered in S23 Postseason)
  • Stables Modification also offered and Ratified (Fax Machine also ratified)
  • Steel Chairs offered, providing Consumer protection


  • Players are made Legendary & stolen
  • Parker MacMillan gets the Fifth Base
  • Rising Stars get sent back to teams in randomized positions


  • Niq Nyong’o necro’d via Lottery Pick
  • Sutton Bishop Vault Swapped with Glabe Moon
  • Parker MacMillan Super Roams out of the Vault to Fridays
  • Pudge Roams out of the Hall of Flame


  • Namerifeht declares final notice and fire sale
  • Coin flips
  • Reader declares all 24 teams Under Review
  • Sundaes melt
  • Moist Talkers evolve

Season 24 Updates

A lot happened in Season 24 so we're putting it under its own section, since basically none of it got recorded. Where & how to record these events we leave up to your discretion; some may be obviously part of other pages, some may obviously need their own page, and some may be uncertain. When in doubt, make an attempt, then tag a member of the wiki team on the Talk page.

Plot Events/Story

  • The Depths Chart becoming Navigation (Done)
    • Steer (Teams vote on their trajectory)
    • Aid (Other teams can donate snacks to other teams to fuel that team’s ship)
    • Locations
      • The Boss eclipsing the Supernova at the center
      • The Hall (The Monitor)
      • The Desert (The Reader)
      • The Horizon (Black Hole(Black Hole))
      • The Vault (Lootcrates)
  • Events
    • Breath Mints incinerated
    • Oxford Paws replace the incinerated Breath Mints
      • Fireproof/Fire Eater former Breath Mints join the Paws
    • Unstable Fridays Incinerated
    • Carolina Queens from the Hall replace the incinerated Squiddish Fridays
    • Moist Talkers reach the Hall first
      • (other teams that entered the Hall)
    • Sunbeams reach the Desert first
      • (other teams that entered the Desert)
    • Georgias reach the Vault first
      • (other teams that entered the Vault)
    • Desert teams reach and scatter the Boss
    • Worms reach the Horizon first? (needs confirmation)
    • D79 The Philly Pies nullify themselves in Black Hole (Black Hole) weather
    • The Hall opens without its Monitor
    • The Shop closes
    • The Rogue (Hall) teams melt the Boss
    • Blaseball is nullified/compressed by gamma via Black Hole(Black Hole)
  • Statements from Deities/Entities
    • In Light of Recent Events… (the Boss attempts to maintain control)
    • the breath mints (The Monitor welcomes the incinerated Breath Mints into the Hall)
    • It’s island time (The Monitor welcomes the incinerated Fridays into the Hall)
    • Okay No One Panic (The Boss reacts to the recent team incinerations)
    • hey talkers (The Monitor addresses the Moist Talkers for reaching the Hall but tells them to standby)
    • sunbeams (The Reader addresses the Sunbeams for reaching the Desert and maps out an elaborate plan disguised in opaque sports jargon from various sports)
    • The Historian Steels Second (Lootcrates addresses Georgias for reaching the Vault and hints at a sacrifice play)
    • Wh-t are you doi--? (The Boss reacting to the Sunbeams and other Scattered Desert teams reaching the coin)
    • i quit (The Monitor finds self-empowerment in the Boss’s weakened state and quits)
    • We’r- f-ns j-st l-ke y-- (The Boss attempts to justify herself as the Rogue (Hall) Teams melt the Boss)
    • balance paid (Namerifeht claims that one of the debts owed has been paid)
    • Credits roll

Weathers, Mods, and Rules

  • New Weather
    • Supernova Eclipse (Incinerates teams and players)
    • Blackhole(Blackhole) (Nullifies rules, items, and teams)
  • Weather Changes
    • Jazz now includes new weather types
  • New Mods
    • Under Review
  • Mod Changes
    • Mods of nullified teams become Undefined
    • Scattered used as a team mod
      • Scatters the name of the team and the players of its roster (including Shadows)
    • Force used as a team mod
  • New Rules
    • Pulsar(Pulsar)
  • Rule Changes (Done)
    • Nullified Rules
      • Balloons
      • Free Wills
      • Turntables
      • Hotel Motel
      • Fairgrounds
      • Sum Sun
      • Hype Train
      • Community Chest
      • Based Evolution
      • Sun 30
      • The Underbracket
      • Bird Hotel
      • Sun .1
      • Stables
      • Voicemail
      • Phantom Thieves' Guild
      • Wild Cards
      • Equal Sun
      • Fax Machine
      • All You Can Eat
      • Party Time
      • Ratification
      • Eat The Rich

Roster Changes (Done)

  • Roaming players
    • Parker MacMillan
      • S23PS Vault -> Fridays
      • D09 Fridays -> Pies
      • D18 Pies -> Garages
      • D27 Garages -> Pies
      • D36 Pies -> Garages
      • D45 Garages -> Tigers
      • D54 Tigers -> Pies
      • D63 Pies -> Shoe Thieves
      • D72 Shoe Thieves -> Tigers
      • D81 Incinerated Tigers -> Hall
      • D81 Hall -> Crabs -> Immortals -> Garages (?)
      • D90 Garages -> Tigers
    • Castillo Turner
      • D09 steals The Fifth Base from Parker
      • D09 Garages -> Fridays
      • D12 Incinerated Fridays -> Hall
      • D18 Hall -> Pies
      • D27 Pies -> Tigers
      • D36 Tigers -> Queens
      • D45 Queens -> Pies
      • D54 Pies -> Queens
      • D63 Queens -> Pies
      • D72 Pies -> Shoe Thieves
      • D81 Shoe Thieves -> Excavators -> Whales
      • D90 Whales -> Squirrels -> Cows
  • Post-incineration team change
    • D03 Rodriguez Internet joins the Paws
    • D03 Leach Ingram joins the Paws
  • Solo Incinerations
    • D04 Ruffian Scrobbles replaced the incinerated Adalberto Tosser. (Flowers)
    • D06 Marion Shriffle replaced the incinerated Tot Clark. (Garages)
    • D26 Scouse Bedazzle replaced the incinerated Bright Zimmerman. (Pies)
    • D34 Clarinet McCormick replaced the incinerated Lenny Marijuana. (Queens)
    • D67 Will Statter Jr. replaced the incinerated Peanut Holloway. (Pies)
  • Redactions
    • D11 Agan Epinoza (Chomped) (Attracted to FF)
    • D16 Dimi Blather (KLoNG) (Observed)
    • D20 Oliver Mueller (Observed)
    • D21 Mike Townsend (Observed)
    • D22 Ziwa Mueller (Chomped)
    • D22 Herring Winfield (Chomped)
    • D24 Bees Taswell (Observed)
    • D26 Christian Combs (Observed)
    • D32 Zephyr McCloud (Observed) (Attracted to Dale)
    • D35 Frankie Incarnate (Observed) (Attracted to Lift)

Team changes

  • Mods gained from reaching corners
    • Desert Teams
    • Vault Teams
  • Status changed from reaching corners
    • Hall Teams
    • Horizon Teams

Miscellaneous Updates

These updates may involve making new pages, updating old ones, or simply creating redirects from new names to pre-existing pages. Many of these are duplicates from above, but are listed here again for safety.


  • Boss (Up to Season 22 Latesiesta)
  • Monitor (Up to Season 22 Latesiesta)
  • Lootcrates (up to Season 23 Endseason)
  • Reader (up to Season 22)
  • Commissioner + Parker MacMillan IIIII
  • Microphone (up to Season 8/Receivers, needs to go to Season 14 Earlsiesta>OFFLINE following 2nd wyatt masoning)
  • Parker MacMillan
  • The Ticker
  • Namerifeht


  • Levels (should also be added to BlaseballNav)
  • Depth Chart (page does not currently exist, added by Reader in S20 Earlsiesta)
  • Renovations (only has Renos up to S19)


  • Earlsiesta (content pasted for Season 24, summaries up to S23)
  • Latesiesta (Results up to S24 linked, summaries up to S21)


  • The Investigation (lists up to Seeth emerging out of secret base on S15 (but no other Redacted players joining teams. Does not detail closing of investigation)
  • Second Wyatt Masoning (update with extant Wyatt Masons at the end of the Expansion Era; maybe add the Inside a Blaseball snippet about the backdoor unused to return Static’d players to the game?)
  • Consumers (page does not exist, could summarise what Consumer attacks can do to a player (soulscream loss and eventual Redaction)?
  • Gift Shop/Gifts (page does not exist)
  • Herring???????? Based on Boss’ complaints at the end of S21 (and the proliferation of Investigator replicas) it must’ve started then
  • Some way perhaps of recording notable Library un-redactions which occurred in any given season