Hellmouth Counterbalance Forklift Safety Support Board

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The Hellmouth Counterbalance Forklift Safety Support Board (or HCFSSB for short) is an independent regulatory body based in Hellmouth, probably Utah. The Board's primary purpose is to determine Forkliftoffability, or the attribute of being able to disembark from a counterbalance forklift with all appropriate safety measures (namely, at least two left hands).

The Board operates under Tooth Law and has no power: legal, illegal, regulatory, irregulatory, eldritch or otherwise. Nonetheless, it receives and issues clarifications on over six[citation needed] players and their forkliftoffability per year.

The HCFSSB claims no jurisdiction over the field of forklift racing, though does recommend confirming one's forkliftoffability before entering and operating a forklift. Inquires are always welcomed at [email protected].