Harmony H. Henderson

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Role as CEO

Harmony H. Henderson is the CEO of Crabs™ LLC, formerly the Baltimore Crabs. She was made the CEO after the Crabs ascended at the end of Season β10. After ascending, Boss helped the Crabs rebrand as a shell corporation (only in name) and put Harmony in charge. It's also apparent that no one knows what's going on nor what they're meant to be doing.

Relation to Tillman

Harmony is Tillman Henderson's mother. They seem to have become estranged overtime because they are both busy with their own jobs. The status of their relationship is unknown to the public, as neither of them are willing to make a public comment aside from "[the other person] seems to be doing a great job" -- although, much like his Crabs teammates, Harmony only started commenting this way once Tillman switched from pitching to batting.


Harmony wears a suit, but always has a Baltimore Crabs hat on backwards, due to wanting to seem like a cool and hip CEO. It doesn't work.

She wants to seem cool, but also claims to have "no time for anyone's shenanigans."

While she's not working she paces around whatever room she's in. People assume that she paces around in her sleep too. She also rides the elevators up and down to pretend like she has places to be.

She apologizes when needed, says please and thank you, and is generally polite.


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