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A Good Girl

Halexandrey Walton is a coyote that wandered into center field through the gap left by the loss of Sosa Elftower, who was incinerated on the 64th day of Season 2. Halexandrey described her recruitment process in an interview given during post-season Party Time.

Halexandrey was not given opposable thumbs when blessed by the blaseball gods, and therefore bats with her mouth. She became an outfielder after complaints that she was biting rival players that reached her base. Because she cannot throw a ball, she just catches it in her mouth and runs it to where it needs to go.

Halexandrey is sometimes known as "Hex", or "Halex".


Halexandrey's fans often chant "Hex 'em, Halex!" when she is up to bat.

When she joined the Yellowstone Magic, Halexandrey tried to get people to cheer "Apex Predator!", but this didn't catch on until she was feedback'd to the Tacos.

Eating The Gods, and other Taco-Related Activities

Exposed to the only Feedback incident of Season 5, Halex was transferred from the Magic to the Unlimited Tacos, in exchange for Tacos player Wyatt Glover.

Though initially perturbed by the change of scenery and the constantly shifting locales of the Los Angeli, Halex quickly grew accustomed to the new group, often seen feasting on the meat held within the city's titular tacos.

Halex seems to be more than comfortable with her new team, in no small part due to her sympathizing with the Taco's recently-discovered mission to EAT THE GODS. Her newfound appetite for godflesh is likely responsible for her fans finally acknowledging her by the name 'Apex Predator'.

Stealing Shoes

At the end of Season 15, Walton found herself recruited by the Charleston Shoe Thieves. Despite not wearing shoes, Walton delighted in helping the Shoe Thieves steal shoes, and made a very good distraction so the heist crews could carry out their activities under lessened scrutiny.

Traveling to Tokyo

Walton was traded to the Tokyo Lift in Season 16 and promptly moved in with Silvaire Semiquaver, who was delighted to have another set of paws around the house. It certainly didn’t hurt that Walton was enthusiastic about helping Semiquaver with any heist-related tendencies that she exhibited. In return, Semiquaver took Walton on plenty of runs along the beach.

Due to the language barrier between her former teams and her new team, Walton was concerned that her “Apex Predator!” cheer would become a thing of the past. Instead Lift fans adopted the cheer as quickly as they adopted Walton herself, and cheered for her in both Japanese and English. She was being deeply appreciative of their support.