HELIOLATRY/The Gilded Hand

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The Gilded Hand are a sect of HELIOLATRY, the de facto religion of Hellmouth.


The Gilded Hand believes in the acquisition of material goods above all else, but do not hoard and covet wealth for its own sake. Instead, Acquisitions are meant to be spent for the good of Sol and its Adherents, including other sects. Coins, as such, should be spent before the end of each Blaseball Election, both to prevent hoarding, and as a practical way to prevent being Redistributed to those less worthy. Members of the Gilded Hand will take it upon themselves to teach new adherents how best to invest, bet, beg and idolize to most quickly increase their income.


Members of the Gilded Hand are often hard to miss around the Hellmouth, often being draped in many layers of finery despite the oppressive heat of the sun - many do not realize, however, the more humbly dressed person standing right beside them could be a believer as well. Members of the sect are expected to either eschew quality clothing for the betterment of Hellmouth - or to dress in incredibly gaudy and expensive clothes, to show how much wealth they have acquired for Sol.

Notable detractors of the Gilded Hand