HELIOLATRY/Siblings of Solar Exposure

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The Siblings of Solar Exposure are a known sect of HELIOLATRY, the de facto religion of Hellmouth.

Description and tenets

The Siblings, commonly recognized as the more fashion-forward believers of HELIOLATRY believe that one’s choice in clothing serves as a form of prayer, and the choice of what you wear, and how, has specific meaning in regards to your relationship to the Sun. Choosing how the light shines on you is considered a form of creative expression, indicating how you would like the sun to help you. Commonly-seen examples of Siblings' worship include:

  • a bare head, possibly indicating a prayer for knowledge
  • an exposed thigh, a popular choice for blaseball players hoping for extra running power
  • fingerless gloves, to direct blessings toward the fingers for dexterity
  • eye masks, commonly used when sleeping[1]

It is said that the more one focuses on one body part, the stronger the sun’s gift will be.

In popular culture

Fashion plays a large part in the hierarchy of the Siblings, and is constantly in rotation (although crop tops are very frequently popular). As a result, the Siblings often unintentionally determine Hellmouth fashion trends. Many lead magazines attempt to track the Siblings and their current forms of worship, to try and keep ahead of new styles.

While Hellmouth Sunbeams pitcher Miguel James is not an official member of the Siblings, he is effusive on their work "to make fashionable, weather-appropriate headgear, no matter what your Adaptations, available for all".

  1. The displaying of teeth while sleeping partly refers to a survival strategy as old as the Hellmouth, to trick predators into thinking you are the Hellmouth, and to steer well clear.