HELIOLATRY/Dusk Conspiracy

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The Dusk Conspiracy are a known sect of HELIOLATRY, the de facto religion of Hellmouth.

Description and tenets

The Dusk conspiracy, although considered "unusual" by many main believers of HELIOLATRY, is a surprisingly popular Sect, and bears some resemblance to the Lunar Apologists in their more sympathetic view of the night. Members of the Dusk Conspiracy believe that it is their mission to call the Light back into the world, and work through the night to ensure that the sun will rise the next morning.

Unlike other sects, members avoid the light, fearing a form of retaliation if they are seen not preforming their duties, and live by candlelight and vitamin D tablets, emerging only as the sun sets.


Some naysayers of this cult say that the nocturnal habits of the Dusk Conspiracy are born not of any particular belief, but of necessity, and the claims that they need to avoid the light for their "safety" are a cover for their true, not-so-human nature. Members of the Dusk Conspiracy firmly deny this, however, and state that evidence presented of them avoiding garlic, crosses, running rivers, and a previous fear of the Dallas Steaks due to a brief misprinting in the local newspaper are "just wacky coincidences." One member of the Dusk Conspiracy, speaking to our investigator through a heavy curtain in front of their window, stated, "it's absolute slander, is what it is, pure slander, and they'll be hearing from my lawyer. You just wait, the moment the sun sets, they'll be getting a strongly worded letter."

Notable Schisms

The Coven of Solar Sight - a splinter formed by a former member of the Dusk Conspiracy, who concluded all light comes from the sun and thus sapping the Sun's energy through Seeing is both inevitable and deeply heretical.