HELIOLATRY/Coven of Solar Sight

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The Coven of Solar Sight is a splinter sect of the Dusk Conspiracy, a branch of HELIOLATRY.

Origins and tenets

A small offshoot of the Dusk Conspiracy, the Coven of Solar Sight began when a Conspiracist considered the source of the light they worked by, and where it might come from. Having concluded that all light comes from the Sun and that vision is otherwise impossible, they turned their mind to what that meant for vision. In the end, they came to dire conclusions, and left the Dusk Conspiracy.

The Coven's membership avoids the sun as the Conspiracists do, but they go to extreme lengths to avoid exposure to any and all light, working by dim candles in sealed rooms underground. There, they ponder the inevitability of the end -- because by Coven reckoning, all use of light to see drains the sun of its power over time. The originator, name unknown, is said to have concluded the sun will finally burn out in less than ten years.

Interaction with other sects

Most knowledge of the Coven is limited to the few pamphlets left in stacks outside of their doors at night. A small and inconsistent sampling of these hints at a darker current to Coven activities: the destruction of sight altogether, to save the sun's light. Their complete disdain of the Hellmouth Sunbeams motto, "Stare into the Sun," has also led to dispute of their status as a true sect of HELIOLATRY. The Coven has gotten a poor reputation as a result of these and other activities, though it is at least still considered to be "mostly harmless".

On the retrocausal collapse of the Sun near the end of Season 10, the Coven has yet to release an official statement.