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H20 is a Team Blood Type Modification, first seen during the Season β15 Election as a result of the Water Logged blessing.


Players playing on a Team with the H20 Modification will always swing at strikes while there are 2 Outs, eliminating the possibility of a Player taking a strike, looking.


The H20 Blood Type was first seen during the Season β15 election as the blessing Water Logged, with the description "Stay Hydrated. Give your Team H2O Blood.".

The Canada Moist Talkers earned this blessing, with the Team earning the modification:

While the results say that there was a Blood Transfusion, all Players on the Moist Talkers retained their original Blood Types.


  • H20 overpowers Flinch, resulting in Players with Flinch swinging at strikes when there are 2 Outs, even if it's the first strike thrown.

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