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Guarded is a Player Modification first seen as a result of the Guarded Blessing in Season β19.


Guarded makes players play better in Ballparks with more Fortification. Its effects have never been precisely measured, as the only player with it, Karato Bean, has only been a pitcher since they received it, which removes the ability for specific analysis. However, it can be assumed that it works similarly to its partner Modification Outdoorsy, which gives it a boost of 20% * f, where f is the numerical value of that Ballpark's Fortification with f = 1 being a full bar. Notably, f cannot be negative, meaning that it is possible that Guarded does not follow its description and cannot make a Player play worse.


Guarded was first offered in Season β19 by the Blessing of the same name, which was won by the San Francisco Lovers and went to Karato Bean.

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