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Growth is a Team Blood Type Modification, first seen during the Season β8 Election as a result of the Astroturf blessing. It is an Exclusive Modification of the Boston Flowers.


Teams with Growth will experience an improvement in their stats over the course of a season, though this does not appear to be reflected in players' star counts. The stat increase is not cumulative, and players on a Growth team will have their stats reset back to their "baseline" on Day 1 of the following season. The net improvement is 5%; this equates to improving each active player's Attributes by 0.050.


Growth was first seen during the Season β8 Election, granted from the Astroturf Blessing, with the description "The grass is greener on the other side. Give your team Grass Blood Type.". The Boston Flowers won this blessing, with the following message:

  • Astroturf blessed the Boston Flowers.
    • Blood Transfusion.
    • All of the Boston Flowers' players now have Grass blood type!
    • The Boston Flowers now have powers of Growth!
    • The Flowers had 34% of the Votes and were the highest bidders. 451,799 votes were cast.


  • Growth was the first Blood Type Modification seen in-game.
  • Growth is, perhaps, the blood type modification with the most abstruse and difficult-to-quantify effects. Little about it is known, and its net impact on the performance of the Boston Flowers has proven tricky to pinpoint.