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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

A mysterious entity employed by the Boston Flowers for the upkeep of the Garden. The Groundskeeper becomes visible only when absolutely necessary, which is for the best since it manifests as a swarm of immense green bees, hostile to hu-mans but excellent pollinators. Its existence in other, unseen, forms may be inferred by its many actions. The Groundskeepers' duties include maintenance of the playing field, watering and fertilizing the clubhouse, planting bats in the Memorial Bat Forest, and pollination of unawakened players.

Blaseball historians have theorized that The Groundskeeper is related in some way to the Green Monster that makes its lair in Flenway Park, given its apparently large size and ability to move unseen.

To stay in contact during away games, the Groundskeeper provides the team with a Jar of Bees, which must at all costs be preserved unbroken and unopened. It is unknown what would happen if the bees were to be released.

Petunia the Cat

The Groundskeeper has an assistant known as Petunia. Petunia is a cat with flower petals ringed around her neck, originally they were a costume but eventually metamorphosed into real flower petals that connect her to the Garden. At some stage after the petal became real a singular leaf appeared on the end of her tail.

Petunia loves to laze around in sunbeams as the petals allow her to photosynthesize. Petunia the Cat carries cat sized tools around in a lil basket