George Fourman Stadium

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George Fourman Stadium (also known as The Steakhouse) is the home ballpark for the Dallas Steaks.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


George Fourman Stadium is built in Arlington, Texas on what used to be a Glolf course. It still retains several hazards from its previous use, including an intact plutting green behind second base, complete with a flagstick. The main stadium is constructed in the shape of a Ribeye steak. It is home to the 2nd best steakhouse in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

Notable Sections

The right field bleachers are known as The Pit as a result of the competition-sized barbecue pit built there, overseen by The Grill Master and their lieutenants. It always includes a wide variety of meat and vegetarian options. Side dishes are brought by fans in a potluck, and they are kept on a 20-foot buffet built into the top of the right field wall.

The seats to the left of the third base foul pole are colloquially known as The Gristle. Fans in those seats are rumored to have to be extra tough in order to endure the high number of foul balls hit there.

The home dugout is called The PorterHouse. The dugout for the visiting team is named The Burnt Ends. On the away dugout an unknown fan has spray-painted the phrase, "But that's a good thing, not an insult. Burnt ends are really delicious!" After realizing this was something that might be confusing to people from non-barbecue areas, the graffiti was allowed to stay. The Kansas City Breath Mints have never been confused by this.