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Francisco Preston/IF-13.1.12-D

Ornithomantic Assignation

A scrap of wrinkled parchment is inscribed in dark ink by the Augur's hand

A collection of these notes was located in a file cabinet within the Yellowstone National Park Ballpark offices, all sharing a similar handwriting and purpose. Each note describes a member of the Yellowstone Magic, in synchronicity with a known reality counterpart, but as a particular species of bird. It remains unclear why the Augur is scrying these particular ornithomancies and what purpose they may serve, but the findings are dutifully recorded and cataloged when new ones are discovered.

Scrying target: Francisco Preston (Magic lineup, Dad)

Ornithomantic assignation: greater rhea (Rhea americana) - large flightless ratite native to South America.

Appearance is consistent with expectations. A large bird nearly 5 feet tall, with tattered grey plumage bearing rich brown undertone. Exudes a very welcoming aura. Slight associated aroma of barbecue, flickering between hamburgers, hot dogs, and bratwurst. (and mustard)

Individual is otherwise difficult to identify in comparison to other rheas. This species is well known for its strong paternal drives, with male birds incubating and raising multiple clutches, and freely adopting any unattended chicks they may encounter. Individual in question strongly aligned with these characteristics! I confess, I have struggled to not refer to this individual as Dad throughout the writing of this report. Individual associates with other teammates in a protective manner, observably proud of their accomplishments and supportive during their struggles.

Arachismic-legumic reactivity: poor. One known report from Season β7 resulting in significant decrease in max performance.

Sanguinicity: unknown.

Migration status: nonmigratory (as of yet)

Ley line attunement: well done.

This one is a very solid, providing something akin to a foundation to the team. I do have my concerns regarding how the team might react should something happen-

The parchment is burned beyond these words.

Francisco Preston/IF-37.874

Checking in on Weatherman

Following the end of their first set in season 5, Preston was seen jogging from home plate to the pitcher's mound, offering a water bottle to the Flowers' pitcher, King Weatherman. Sources claim that Preston asked Weatherman if he'd like to talk for a few minutes off the field.

Preston has been unofficially quoted as saying, "Walk with me a sec here. The two of us should have a chat."

The two were then seen off the field some time later, with a birthday card discreetly folded into Weatherman's coat pocket and Preston carrying a hot dog. Some claim the two didn't discuss anything of consequence, others hold that Preston was checking to make sure Weatherman wasn't taking the team's rivalry with him personally. Regardless, the conversation is documented to have lasted less than thirty minutes, with both going their separate ways. When approached by fans, Preston is quoted as saying, "Weatherman's a tough opponent, and I look forward to playing against him again."

Weatherman was not available for comment.

Francisco Preston/IF-82.085

That's My Dad!

A few things to know about Francisco Preston.

  1. 38 years old.
  2. Dude's a solid hitter.
  3. Has a dog. The dog has never chased a blaseball in her life.
  4. Has memorized the birthdays of everyone in the league and makes sure everyone gets a card with a 20 in it on their birthday.
  5. Grills during league siestas.
  6. Will teach you to play blaseball.
  7. Is here for you.
  8. Camps in the park during home series. His tent is (usually) located between second and third blase. Players will often stop at his tent for some chinwag and a hot dog.
  9. When asked about his teammates, Francisco responds "They're a good kid, I'm proud to play with 'em."
    • This is also Francisco's response when asked about himself.
  10. The kind of guy who, if you come out to him, claps you on the shoulder and tells you he's glad you trust him that much, then invites you for a good, clean game of blaseball.
    • This was also Francisco's response when he came out as trans himself.
  11. Has custom waders fashioned by the Archmagi that are able to withstand the boiling, acidic pools of Yellowstone National Park (Parkpark) .

Francisco Preston/IF-88.615

An Inspiration

Francisco Preston is a middle aged man, currently playing for the Yellowstone Magics. He uses the He/Him pronouns and is the advisor for teen mental health and acceptance for the National Park Services. Preston is also seen as a camp counselor by any spell scouts inhabiting lodging in the park. He's commonly refered to as "Dad" by his fans, due to his tenderhearted personality. Backing this name, Preston gives a 20$ bill to every player on their birthday. He wears work boots at all times, but breaks out his "Specialty" work cleats during games and scrimmages.

During the ParkPark Cleanup initiative Preston cleaned the entirety of mammoth hot springs alongside Bevan Wise, and the two have since become close friends. He describes a sense of pride in being called dad by fans, as he prefers it to his prior familial name. His fans give him a sense of pride, knowing that his influence on the fans is inspiring acceptance.

In the end of post-season 6, Preston helped hold open one side of the 'portal,' the other side held open by Mike Townsend of the Seattle garages. Together they resurrect Jaylen Hotdogfingers, With Mike Townsend taking her place. Preston states "I'm proud of that boy. If I see him again me and em are gonna take a day off alright? And if you see Jaylen, tell her I owe her a few twenties."

Ever since his introduction in season two, Francisco Preston was the Magics star batter lasting until s7. After this new player Annie Roland managed to siphon a full star in their already proficient batting, increasing their batting stars from 3 - 4, surpassing Preston's 3 after suffering an allergic reaction in the same season, reducing his stars considerably.

To comment on this, Preston said "Always had allergies, always will. Can't let this stop me or I wouldn't be a good role model for all the little peanuts at home."

Francisco Preston/IF-95.622

Two Dads Chilling In A Houseboat

On day 73 of Season 7 Terrel Bradley was traded to the Yellowstone Magic from the Hawai’i Fridays for Alyssa Harrell. Bradley, affectionately known as “Dadley” by fans and Preston had been good friends for a long time due to the closeness between the two teams and the frequency of Friday Night Magic cookouts, but upon sharing a team they found themselves growing closer.

Bradley moved into a houseboat on one of Yellowstone’s many lakes and the two were often seen fishing together and riding around on Bradley’s jet ski. Up until Bradley’s arrival Preston had been the resident grill master for the Magic. Sources on the team have confirmed that they now share grill master duties, alternating who mans the grills during league siestas and post-game cookouts.

The two can often be seen late into the night sharing a beer around the campfire and rumors have surfaced that they like to spend long nights stargazing together. A source close to the team confirmed that much of the night is spent with Preston explaining to Bradley how the constellations that are visible in Yellowstone are different than those in the Hawain night sky.

When asked to comment on their relationship, Preston said, “Terrell is a good splort. I’m glad to get a chance to play with him. We have a lot in common and it’s been great to have him around.” Bradley said this in response, “Preston is a good teammate. [Yellowstone] has been a big change from Hawai’i but Preston has been helpful making sure that I feel welcome here. We’ve got a good group of people here and I can’t wait to see what next season brings.”

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