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Two Dads Chilling In A Houseboat

On day 73 of Season 7 Terrel Bradley was traded to the Yellowstone Magic from the Hawai’i Fridays for Alyssa Harrell. Bradley, affectionately known as “Dadley” by fans and Preston had been good friends for a long time due to the closeness between the two teams and the frequency of Friday Night Magic cookouts, but upon sharing a team they found themselves growing closer.

Bradley moved into a houseboat on one of Yellowstone’s many lakes and the two were often seen fishing together and riding around on Bradley’s jet ski. Up until Bradley’s arrival Preston had been the resident grill master for the Magic. Sources on the team have confirmed that they now share grill master duties, alternating who mans the grills during league siestas and post-game cookouts.

The two can often be seen late into the night sharing a beer around the campfire and rumors have surfaced that they like to spend long nights stargazing together. A source close to the team confirmed that much of the night is spent with Preston explaining to Bradley how the constellations that are visible in Yellowstone are different than those in the Hawain night sky.

When asked to comment on their relationship, Preston said, “Terrell is a good splort. I’m glad to get a chance to play with him. We have a lot in common and it’s been great to have him around.” Bradley said this in response, “Preston is a good teammate. [Yellowstone] has been a big change from Hawai’i but Preston has been helpful making sure that I feel welcome here. We’ve got a good group of people here and I can’t wait to see what next season brings.”