Francisco Preston/IF-37.874

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Checking in on Weatherman

Following the end of their first set in season 5, Preston was seen jogging from home plate to the pitcher's mound, offering a water bottle to the Flowers' pitcher, King Weatherman. Sources claim that Preston asked Weatherman if he'd like to talk for a few minutes off the field.

Preston has been unofficially quoted as saying, "Walk with me a sec here. The two of us should have a chat."

The two were then seen off the field some time later, with a birthday card discreetly folded into Weatherman's coat pocket and Preston carrying a hot dog. Some claim the two didn't discuss anything of consequence, others hold that Preston was checking to make sure Weatherman wasn't taking the team's rivalry with him personally. Regardless, the conversation is documented to have lasted less than thirty minutes, with both going their separate ways. When approached by fans, Preston is quoted as saying, "Weatherman's a tough opponent, and I look forward to playing against him again." Weatherman was not available for comment.