Forrest Best/IF-94.976

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Rumor / Community Lore
This article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community. It is just one of many Rumors that we've found in the Interdimensional Rumor Mill. You can find more Rumors about Forrest Best at their Rumor Registry.


Forrest Best is said to have awoken from the Spirit of Rebellion during the Crab Mother’s Murder emerging fully formed from a nearby forest, or from the bay itself depending on the source. Best appears to be a living marionette almost entirely made of an indeterminate species of wood, the notable exception being the four large crab legs protruding from Best's back. These legs appear to be exactly the same as a regular crab leg, though slightly larger than average.

Psychic Resonance

Forrest Best co-captains the Crabs alongside Kennedy Loser and Brock Forbes. The general triumverate of co-captaining is that Kennedy and Forrest are the emotional pillars, here to support the team on a personal level, Kennedy and Brock are representative pillars, handling most of the on-paper team management, and Forrest and Brock are the protective pillars, doing the hands-on work against literal hostile forces that threaten the team.

Forrest's psychic attunement to others means it connects to its teammates on a very deep level, and can resonate psychic energies in turn to help ease their emotional torment. This resonance can be weaponized in game to cause emotional breakdowns and mild psychosis for anyone trying to keep an eye on Forrest while it steals bases.

Forrest and Sutton Dreamy take turns keeping watch over the city of Baltimore as it slumbers, Sutton eating residents' nightmares and Forrest serving as an emotional support sleep paralysis demon.

Forrest was one of the few entities able to communicate with Nagomi McDaniel while she was shelled, and the two of them have been inseperable since, except until they were separated because she transferred to the Fridays.

Criminal History

As a part of the Interviews performed in season 4 it was revealed that Forrest Best's pregame ritual is 'doing crime'. Forrest has not commented on the nature of these crimes though there is speculation that it has been involved in a series of petty thefts that seem to occur in and around the area both in Baltimore, and in other cities when the Baltimore Crabs are playing away games. Notably there were reports of larger scale anti-establishment crimes taking place in and around the area of championships games though predictably no one has stepped forward with any information that might point to a culprit.