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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Flermilab, located in Chicago, Illinois, is a research facility devoted to investigating physics as they relate to the game of Blaseball.


Flermilab is thought to have been founded in XX67 by Enrico Flermi after it was realized that Blaseball is host to a number of phenomena that apparently violate the known laws of physics. In XX69, work on the research campus and its blaseball accelerator Blevatron was completed. Five hours after Blevatron was turned on for the first time, Flermilab published its first scientific discoveries:

  1. Blaseball vigorously resists attempts at objective research
  2. Ghosts are real and Flermilab is haunted

Flermilab and all of its employees past, present, and future, then became unstuck in time, making pinpointing the dates and times of subsequent events difficult.

At some point during its history, an accident involving the Blevatron accelerator, a bottle of Royal Crown Malort, and an employee of Flermilab created Chicago Firefighters player Goobie Ballson.