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Firewalker is a Player Modification first seen in the Library in Season β20, which causes a player to leave Instability in their wake when they leave a Location.


When a player who is a Firewalker leaves a Location, they will leave Instability in their wake. Essentially, when a Firewalker leaves one Team to another Team, their former Team will become Unstable.



As of the end of the Expansion Era. only one player has been given the Firewalker modification. In Pre-History I, during the Season A Elections, Parker MacMillan was given the Firewalker modification by the Antarctic Fireballs' Hex Will.

MacMillian's new modifier had minimal effect until MacMillian got Revoked by the Alaskan Imortals, Canada Artists, and Minneapolis Truckers, causing them to gain the Super Roamin' modification, causing them to Roam to a new team every 9 days. The list of Teams that MacMillian ended up roaming to that are known are as follows:

During Season E Day 99, MacMillian became Legendary and left the League, causing every single team in the League at that time to become Unstable. In the following Snap Election, MacMillian ended up with The Force Field, being sealed away in The Vault for the remainder of the ULB.

Expansion Era

At the end of Season β23, The Coin hosted a Semi-Centennial, pitting the Vault Legends against the Rising Stars. During the Match, New Megan Ito stole The Force Field from MacMillian, causing them to Super Roam from the Vault during the Season β23 Elections and activating Firewalker for the first time in the ILB, leaving instability in their wake. MacMillian caused the following teams to become Unstable: