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The Firefighter is the mascot for the Chicago Firefighters.


The Firefighter emerged one day from a burning building on the corner of Hermitage and Waveland. It proceeded to walk nearly thirty-five blocks to The Fire House before taking a seat in the home section. Management determined that removal of The Firefighter would be costly, and seeing that it appeared to improve morale, it was adopted as the team mascot. The Firefighter's preferred seat, F22, has been cordoned off by the team to prevent injuries by overzealous fans.

The Firefighter's vocalizations have the been the subject of significant controversy. Fans of the Chicago Firefighters claim that The Firefighter regularly exclaims "We're From Chicago!" during a Firefighters game or when approached by a fan. Visiting fans, however, insist that The Firefighter only produces unintelligible screeches.

Betsy the cow, otherwise known as Mrs. O'Leary, is the Firefighter's mighty steed and greatest rival.

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