Fire Safety Awareness Center

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The Fire Safety Awareness Center (also known as the Fire House) is the official ballpark of the Chicago Firefighters. It is both in and makes up the entirety of Chicago and may or may not be quantumly entangled with the concept of Portillos.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Layout and Structure

The stands are entirely made up of fire escapes. To exit the Fire House, fans must use the various fireman's poles throughout the stadium. All doors in the Fire House are fire doors, which set off the sirens when opened.

The stadium has hoses strategically placed around the interior. Whenever the Firefighters hit a home run, Royal Crown Malort is sprayed on the masses below in celebration. The losing team is compelled to drink the Royal Crown Malort off the floor when the game is finished鈥攈owever, the Firefighters players are invigorated by the taste and consider this a reward.


The Fire House resides within Chicago; it also makes up the entirety of Chicago.

A brief list of ways to get to the Fire House includes:

  • Riding a CTA train.
  • Taking a fire truck.
  • Pulling a fire alarm or emergency alarm.
  • Exiting through a fire door.
  • Climbing to the top of a fire escape.
  • Thinking about the Fire House while turning a corner or passing through a doorway.
  • Going to Portillos.


The original Fire House was completely destroyed by the Great Chicago Blaseball Fire.


  • Whenever the Fire House appears in or around O'Hare Airport, the entire airport shuts down to watch the game.