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Hahn Fox is a lineup player for the Hellmouth Sunbeams. Fox joined the Sunbeams during the Season 6 election and has previously played for the Boston Flowers and the Miami Dale.

Official League Records

Fox joined Internet League Blaseball as a member of the Miami Dale at the beginning of Season 1. Fox was the strongest lineup player for the Dale throughout her tenure, with a ★★★★  batting rating, and was tied for the strongest Dale player with pitcher Rivers Clembons until Clembons was swapped with an Alternate during the Season 4 election.

On Season 6, Day 80, Fox was hit with Feedback which resulted in a swap with Beck Whitney. Fox then played for the Boston Flowers for the remainder of Season 6.

During the Season 6 Election, the Hellmouth Sunbeams received the Vulture blessing, which stole Fox from the Flowers and sent back Alaynabella Hollywood.

During the Season 7 Election, the Hellmouth Sunbeams received the Stickum blessing, which increased Fox's Defense from ★½  to ★★½ .

During the Season 9 Election the Hellmouth Sunbeams received the Mutually Arising blessing, which increased Fox's batting from ★★★★  to ★★★★½ .

During the Season 10 Election the Sunbeams received the Sharing Signs blessing, which increased Fox's batting to ★★★★½  after losing stars to siphoning throughout the season.

During the Coffee Cup, Fox played for Cream & Sugar United as a lineup player.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Fox, often referred to as "The Dale Sweetheart" or "The Wild Low Sweetheart", has been consistently described by teammates—both past and present—as dependable, a powerhouse, and "a rock" of her team.

While her own skill on the field is impressive, Fox has a particular talent for nudging and uplifting her teammates to ever-greater heights. For instance, in Game 99 of Season 6, Hahn batted in Nic Winkler and Castillo Turner, tying the game at 11-11 and allowing Moses Mason to win the game for the Flowers in the 10th inning. Although Mason may have batted in the final run, the Flowers never would have gotten the chance if not for Fox.

Sandoval Crossing, Fox's co-strategist on the Sunbeams team has said of Fox, "she's why we've actually got our act together of late. We're regularly making the playoffs now, instead of being bottom of the division—and there's no way in Sol we'd be here without her."

After a season or two to grow accustomed to playing with the Sunbeams, living in Hellmouth, and cheerfully taking on every responsibility she could, Fox began to gain a better sense of her teammates' individual strengths. She now forms the core of the Sunbeams' strategy team, alongside Crossing and Nerd Pacheco. Crossing and Fox schedule weekly strategy meetings in a designated room inside Sigmund Castillo, to settle in with smoothies and game footage to talk tactics. Her improved understanding of her teammates has also given her extraordinary skill at delegating tasks among the team to ensure the work is done, and done well.

Adjustment and Adaptations to Hellmouth

After moving to the Hellmouth at the end of the Season 6 elections, she Adapted bioluminescence. Fox's Adaptation(s) is/are a point of speculation among researchers into the phenomenon, as Adaptations are generally understood to aid a permanent resident in surviving the everyday horrors of Hellmouth. As it is unknown how bioluminescence would help one better survive the Hellmouth, experts believe Fox gained an additional, less-tangible, Adaptation.

Fox herself is unsure what such an Adaptation might entail, expressing the following in an interview:

I can't really say I noticed major changes when I moved [...] Crayons—sorry, Priya—Priya thinks my new freckles are cute, sure, but changes that made living here easier? Not really? It's a delightfully weird place, sure, I'm really looking forward to going with Priya to check out Living Horse Point next Siesta, but hostile? Unwelcome? Even the bone-shattering voice that I first heard when I came to Hellmouth wanted to "have a pleasant stay." That's normal, right?[1]

In spite of Fox's personal views, incongruously normal activity (or occasionally, a tamping-down of Hellmouth-typical anomalous activity) is a repeated occurrence around the batter. Notable non-incidents include:

Such non-happenings and more have made Fox the subject of polite fascination among Adaptation enthusiasts, leading to a documentary made about her day-to-day life in Hellmouth.

Personal Life

Fox's nickname, "The Dale Sweetheart", came from her maintaining sobriety amongst the cafecito-ridden team culture of the Dale. Hahn has a brand endorsement deal with Diet Mlountain Dew, and promotes it as an alternative to cafecito culture. The ads feature the slogans, "A Home Run for Sobriety", "Tickles Your Brainstem, But Gently", and "Parté with Aspartamé".

Fox is a member-founder of the Party Animals.

Fox was married during Season 1 to Priya Fox, Tot Fox's third cousin, and took her name. The reception has been ranked as the 7th most influential Dale/Breckenridge Jazz Hands matchup. True to form, the Dale Sweetheart maintains positive relationships with her in-laws both on and off the field.

Fox founded the first definitely-real wildlife rescue center in Hellmouth, after a not-quite-incident involving an exofauna in the Solarium. The creature was initially discovered by Nerd Pacheco and Sandoval Crossing, who were debating how to deal with it while Fox Googill-searched a local wildlife rescue. Despite Pacheco's insistence that no such service existed,[3] Individuals did promptly arrive and safely relocate the creature. Fox decided to organise a proper rescue center and wildlife hospital after Pacheco tried to trace the number Fox dialled, and his phone turned to slag when attempting to call it.

Fox's squiddish appearance has prompted speculation that she may be an avatar, incarnation, descendant, or feeding appendage of The Monitor.

Fan Art


  1. Nope.
  2. Bread sliced in Hellmouth normally screams as it is cut, a fact Fox claims to only have learned after bringing her own hastily-made sandwich one time to batting practice with the rest of the team.
  3. "Wildlife rescue" in Hellmouth generally refers to rescuing people from wildlife, usually with limited success.