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An example Equivalent Exchange showing a possible trade between Oliver Notarobot of the Garages and Lucien Patchwork of the Moist Talkers.

Equivalent Exchange (formerly known as Exchange) was a Will introduced in the Expansion Era which allowed Fans to trade players between Teams.

Between Seasons β12 and β14, this Will was known as Exchange, and had no star restriction on what Players could be exchanged for each other.

Starting in Season β15, it was amended to Equivalent Exchange, and only allowed Fans to trade players within 2 combined stars of each other.


To vote for Equivalent Exchange, Fans are prompted to choose a Team to trade with in the opposite subleague, a player on that Team they wish to trade for, and a player on their Team to trade back. Beginning in Season β20, the restriction on Subleagues was lifted, and allowed Teams to trade for any player in the League.

Equivalent Exchange Wills are executed as written even if the trade would no longer be valid, and can result in Teams exchanging two players that are no longer on their Team.

Notable Trades

Over the course of the Expansion Era, there were a number of notable trades:

Election Results

Season 12

Filing Team Receives Other Team Receives Final Odds
Philly Pies Huber Frumple Ohio Worms Farrell Seagull 5%
Houston Spies Knight Triumphant San Francisco Lovers Morrow Wilson 6%
Boston Flowers Nagomi Mcdaniel Seattle Garages Alaynabella Hollywood 0%
Yellowstone Magic King Weatherman Boston Flowers Cory Twelve 1%
Ohio Worms Pitching Machine Seattle Garages Mindy Kugel 2%

Season 13

Filing Team Receives Other Team Receives Final Odds
Houston Spies Yeong-Ho Garcia San Francisco Lovers Fitzgerald Blackburn 1%
Baltimore Crabs Logan Horseman Miami Dale Baldwin Breadwinner 35%
Hades Tigers Paula Turnip Seattle Garages Carmelo Plums 0%
New York Millennials Peanut Holloway Chicago Firefighters NaN 36%
Ohio Worms NaN Chicago Firefighters Wanda Schenn 3%
Breckenridge Jazz Hands August Sky Dallas Steaks Holden Stanton 43%
Philly Pies Nerd Pacheco Hades Tigers Nicholas Mora 8%
Kansas City Breath Mints Jessica Telephone Mexico City Wild Wings Eizabeth Guerra 13%
Tokyo Lift Goodwin Morin Seattle Garages Lotus Mango 2%
San Francisco Lovers Knight Triumphant Houston Spies Morrow Wilson 66%

Season 14

Filing Team Receives Other Team Receives Final Odds
Hades Tigers Gabriel Griffith San Francisco Lovers NaN 30%
Boston Flowers Schneider Bendie New York Millennials Glabe Moon 0%
Mexico City Wild Wings Joshua Watson Kansas City Breath Mints Eizabeth Guerra 30%
Houston Spies Fitzgerald Blackburn San Francisco Lovers Karato Bean 47%
New York Millennials Mullen Peterson Mexico City Wild Wings Mags Banananana 37%
Ohio Worms Luis Acevedo Baltimore Crabs Enid Marlow 2%
Miami Dale Logan Horseman Baltimore Crabs Baldwin Breadwinner 44%
Chicago Firefighters Gabriel Griffith Hades Tigers Dunlap Figueroa 26%
Hawai'i Fridays Baldwin Breadwinner Baltimore Crabs Alyssa Harrell 14%
Baltimore Crabs Nagomi Mcdaniel Boston Flowers Parker Parra 27%
Charleston Shoe Thieves Jordan Hildebert Houston Spies Bennett Bluesky 17%
Atlantis Georgias Knight Triumphant San Francisco Lovers Gita Biscuits 3%

Season 15

This was the first election where the star restriction on Equivalent Exchange was introduced.

Filing Team Receives Other Team Receives Final Odds
Hellmouth Sunbeams Elvis Figueroa Philly Pies Zack Sanders 1%
Miami Dale Parker Meng San Francisco Lovers Cannonball Sports 24%
Boston Flowers Brock Forbes Baltimore Crabs Parker Parra 6%
Ohio Worms Jacoby Podcast Baltimore Crabs Luis Acevedo 27%
Atlantis Georgias Ortiz Lopez San Francisco Lovers Mint Shupe 1%

Season 16

Filing Team Receives Other Team Receives Final Odds
LA Unlimited Tacos Felix Garbage New York Millennials Greer Gwiffin 36%
Canada Moist Talkers Richmond Harrison Hellmouth Sunbeams Alston Cerveza 13%
Hades Tigers Lenny Marijuana Seattle Garages Hiroto Wilcox 9%
Boston Flowers Glabe Moon New York Millennials Schneider Bendie 2%
Atlantis Georgias Montgomery Bullock Hawai'i Fridays Mordecai Kingbird 2%
Hellmouth Sunbeams Zack Sanders Philly Pies Elvis Figueroa 24%
New York Millennials Conrad Vaughan Breckenridge Jazz Hands Mikan Hammer 29%

Season 17

Filing Team Receives Other Team Receives Final Odds
Canada Moist Talkers Goobie Ballson Chicago Firefighters Carmelo Plums 1%
Atlantis Georgias Fish Summer Baltimore Crabs Montgomery Bullock 34%
Baltimore Crabs Wyatt Mason IV LA Unlimited Tacos Fish Summer 1%
As Fish Summer was traded before this Will was executed, the end result was Summer on the Tacos, Bullock on the Crabs, and Mason IV on the Georgias.
Tokyo Lift Inky Rutledge Charleston Shoe Thieves Alejandro Leaf 18%
Hades Tigers Hiroto Wilcox Seattle Garages Lenny Marijuana 45%
New York Millennials Castillo Turner Boston Flowers Chorby Short 0%
Hellmouth Sunbeams Howell Franklin Seattle Garages Brisket Friendo 1%
San Francisco Lovers Knight Triumphant Atlantis Georgias Pitching Machine 28%

Season 18

Filing Team Receives Other Team Receives Final Odds
Boston Flowers Jaylen Hotdogfingers Core Mechanics Allan Kranch 2%
Miami Dale Richmond Harrison Canada Moist Talkers Randy Dennis 6%
LA Unlimited Tacos Sexton Wheerer Yellowstone Magic Bevan Wise 42%
Dallas Steaks Engine Eberhardt Tokyo Lift Cory Ross 31%
Kansas City Breath Mints Jacob Haynes Boston Flowers Hierophantic Foible 4%
Breckenridge Jazz Hands Logan Rodriguez Yellowstone Magic Wyatt Pothos 3%
Seattle Garages Avila Guzman Hellmouth Sunbeams Quack Enjoyable 25%
New York Millennials Kichiro Guerra Ohio Worms Andrew Solis 1%

Season 19

Filing Team Receives Other Team Receives Final Odds
Yellowstone Magic Halexandrey Walton Tokyo Lift Evelton McBlase II 4%
Ohio Worms Parker Meng Baltimore Crabs Jacoby Podcast 10%
Boston Flowers Jacob Haynes Kansas City Breath Mints Hierophantic Foible 54%
Tokyo Lift Engine Eberhardt Dallas Steaks Cory Ross 35%
Dallas Steaks Jessica Telephone Tokyo Lift Kline Greenlemon 2%
Baltimore Crabs Fran Beans Mexico City Wild Wings Trinity Smaht 1%
Breckenridge Jazz Hands Wyatt Pothos Yellowstone Magic Logan Rodriguez 49%
Atlantis Georgias Dickerson Morse Dallas Steaks Wyatt Mason IV 1%
Canada Moist Talkers Cudi Di Batterino Tokyo Lift Goobie Ballson 1%
Hawai'i Fridays Gabriel Griffith Chicago Firefighters Alyssa Harrell 0%
Philly Pies Kaz Fiasco Hellmouth Sunbeams Elvis Figueroa 1%

Season 20

This was the first election where the restriction on only trading to the opposite subleague was lifted.

Filing Team Receives Other Team Receives Final Odds
Core Mechanics Zoey Kirchner Dallas Steaks Shirai McElroy 73%
Tokyo Lift Knight Triumphant Dallas Steaks Engine Eberhardt 10%
New York Millennials Andrew Solis Ohio Worms Kichiro Guerra 35%
Hades Tigers Paula Mason Houston Spies Dudley Mueller 1%
Chicago Firefighters Gabriel Griffith Hawai'i Fridays Alyssa Harrell 28%
Canada Moist Talkers Greer Lott Philly Pies Beans McBlase 2%
Atlantis Georgias Jan Canberra Tokyo Lift Ankle Halifax 2%
Boston Flowers Castillo Turner New York Millennials Chorby Short 51%
Seattle Garages Oliver Loofah Charleston Shoe Thieves Terrell Bradley 25%
Mexico City Wild Wings Summers Preston Miami Dale Trinity Smaht 22%

Season 21

Filing Team Receives Other Team Receives Final Odds
Baltimore Crabs James Mora II Yellowstone Magic No Trade 3%
As James Mora became Legendary before this Will was executed, the Crabs were granted James Mora II and Haley remained on the team.
Core Mechanics Augusto Reddick Canada Moist Talkers PolkaDot Patterson 8%
New York Millennials Castillo Turner Boston Flowers Chorby Short 7%
Canada Moist Talkers Nicholas Mora Hades Tigers Lachlan Shelton 4%
Breckenridge Jazz Hands Comfort Septemberish Hellmouth Sunbeams Jasper Blather 13%
Hades Tigers Beasley Day Philly Pies Dudley Mueller 17%
Houston Spies Comfort Septemberish Breckenridge Jazz Hands Quack Enjoyable 22%
Boston Flowers Adalberto Tosser Baltimore Crabs Silvaire Roadhouse 23%
Charleston Shoe Thieves Inky Rutledge Tokyo Lift Terrell Bradley 18%
San Francisco Lovers Percival Wheeler Hawai'i Fridays Bates Bentley 18%
Dallas Steaks Conner Haley Baltimore Crabs Jessica Telephone 36%
Kansas City Breath Mints Michelle Sportsman LA Unlimited Tacos Lucas Petty 45%
Tokyo Lift Cudi Di Batterino Canada Moist Talkers Freemium Seraph 22%
Atlantis Georgias Fish Summer LA Unlimited Tacos Goobie Ballson 21%
Mexico City Wild Wings Fran Beans Baltimore Crabs Evelton McBlase II 31%

Season 22

Filing Team Receives Other Team Receives Final Odds
Baltimore Crabs Michelle Sportsman Kansas City Breath Mints Jon Halifax 2%
Kansas City Breath Mints Michelle Sportsman Baltimore Crabs Fairwood Patchwork 3%
As Michelle Sportsman was traded before this Will was executed, the end result was Sportsman on the Garages, Halifax on the Breath Mints, and Patchwork on the Crabs.
Mexico City Wild Wings Matteo Cash Ohio Worms Tai Beanbag 20%
Chicago Firefighters Mcdowell Mason LA Unlimited Tacos Wanda Schenn 3%
Charleston Shoe Thieves Jessica Telephone Baltimore Crabs Herring Winfield 3%
LA Unlimited Tacos Hendricks Richardson Hellmouth Sunbeams Son Jensen 4%
New York Millennials Beck Whitney Hawai'i Fridays Castillo Turner 46%
Ohio Worms Dudley Mueller Philly Pies Clove Mahle 18%
Dallas Steaks Jessica Telephone Charleston Shoe Thieves Conner Haley 21%
Hawai'i Fridays Juice Collins San Francisco Lovers King Roland 63%
Canada Moist Talkers Slosh Truk Atlantis Georgias Randy Dennis 1%
Boston Flowers Castillo Turner Hawai'i Fridays Chorby Short 55%
Tokyo Lift Engine Eberhardt Dallas Steaks Knight Triumphant 24%
Hades Tigers Erin Jesaulenko Atlantis Georgias Lachlan Shelton 1%