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Evelton McBlase II, as the press have taken to referring to him soon after he mysteriously replaced Donia Bailey in the Spies' lineup, appears to be a near-perfect replica of Evelton McBlase.

Origin Theories

Theories abound about where he originated, some claiming he is a Spies agent who has undergone extensive plastic surgery, others providing compelling evidence that he may have been a genetic clone prepared in a secret underground facility. There are even some who take to the conspiracy theory that Evelton McBlase II is the original, who was kidnapped from the Fridays and replaced with a fake McBlase. Almost all agree, though, that he is in some way connected with a covert, long-term Spies operation to study and reproduce the incredible vibes of the Cult of Our Lady of Perpetual Friday. However, there is a small sect of scientists studying player Alternates who contend that McBlase II, in fact, was produced from the original McBlase through mlitosis.

Deviant Behavior

McBlase II has demonstrated some amount of deviation from the behavior of the original, generally presenting as odd quirks of speech or disconcerting habits, but reports of villainous laughter and mustache twisting point towards something more sinister. The Houston Spies deny these reports whole-heatedly. Rumors that Evelton McBlase II scorned the Tacos for attempting to unionize are, unfortunately, true. He is not anti-capitalist and the rest of the Spies shun him thusly.

Frustrated with McBlase II's (commonly referred to as "EvilTwin" by the Spies) poor performance in their lineup, the Spies launched a campaign to have him transferred to another team via the Lottery Pick blessing of Season β6. With the support of the Spies and numerous other teams, McBlase II was lifted to the 14th spot on the ILB Idol Leaderboards and traded for the Hawai'i Fridays' Karato Bean. It is hoped that the Fridays' pervasive good vibes are having a positive impact on the scoundrel.

Trade to the Baltimore Crabs

McBlase II has claimed that the season 10 People's Champions trade for themselves, Baldwin Breadwinner, and Bevan Underbuck was part of an scheme to "steal ascension" from the Baltimore Crabs. While no other reports from the Hawaii Fridays have backed this up as an intentional plan, it is clear that the trade did take place from the presence of Nagomi McDaniel, Sutton Dreamy, and Montgomery Bullock (and Bontgomery Mullock) in the ILB even as the Crabs were called up.

From the Telescope

While it is unclear exactly what is happening in the Big Leagues, Baltimorean telescope watchers have reported catching glimpses of Evelton working on a series of robots and gadgets inspired by their time with the Houston Spies. While occasionally these gadgets seem to actually work as intended, for the most part anything designed for heists, criminal enterprises, schemes, or plans seem to struggle to operate as intended. Instead they will often simply question why they were made, who they are, if a copy of someone else is still it's own person, or if they have a ■■■■.

Notably McBlase II has been reported as working alongside Parker Parra on some kind of contraption for teammate Luis Acevedo, who's hard light projector and ■■■■ is considered the intellectual property of Crypton Fluture Media. While they were unable to be reached for comment directly, the Crabs legal team has made a statement that "there are no laws in space".

Trade to the Core Mechanics

After being revoked, McBlase II joined the Core Mechanics. The team was initially "quietly hoping that they would leave," but have since taken a liking to their unorthodox inventions, such as a "Death Ray" that helps clear out underbrush and prevent forest fires, a "Murder Trap" that provides transportation to previously inaccessible portions of the Core, and a Toaster (evil). They have also been trying to rehabilitate McBlase II, and have given them an extensive list of anti-capitalist literature. McBlase II has allegedly fully embraced leftism, and has been seen trying to build a machine that they refer to as a "praxis."

On the Firefighters

After four seasons on the Core Mechanics, McBlase II Roamed away from them and spent Season β18 with the Chicago Firefighters. McBlase II was eager to test their latest invention, the Unflamethrower, a device that ejects a stream of Unfire to extinguish fires. Undeterred by comments from their new teammates such as "isn't that just a fire extinguisher," McBlase II proceeded to put out fires with a frequency that matched the most zealous of the Firefighters.

However, as was noted by Chicago news reports, McBlase II seemed only to be putting out fires that weren't in need of extinguishing, including but not limited to beach party bonfires, backyard barbecues, and the pilot lights of stoves in numerous Chicago homes.

The most infamous accomplishment during their time with the Firefighters was when McBlase II extinguished the Solympic Flame as it was being carried to signal the start of the Hellmouth Sunbeams regular season. The head of PR for the Firefighters was unable to be reached for comment about this incident, nor any of the other incidents, due to the Firefighters being busy hosting Party Time as mandated by the ILB.

Declaring their new invention a success, McBlase II Roamed away from the Firefighters during the Season 18 elections.

On the Magic

During Season 19, McBlase II played for the Yellowstone Magic. At the end of the season, they were traded.

On the Lift

McBlase II played for the Tokyo Lift during Season 20, and spent the siesta immediately following the Season 20 Elections creating and refining her many nefarious inventions. Chief among them was an old invention they had once created to pass the time while Ascended with the Crabs: the "Ray Gun that trans your gender." The Ray Gun’s only previous subject, Forrest Best, had claimed it worked perfectly and seasons later, McBlase II tried it for herself. She, like Best, claimed it worked perfectly. At the end of the season, she Roamed.

On the Wild Wings

McBlase II played for the Wild Wings during Season 21.

On the Crabs

McBlase II was traded to the Baltimore Crabs at the end of Season 21. Upon arriving, they were reminded of the multiple rivalries, half finished evil science machines, and active warrants waiting for them in Baltimore. McBlase II quickly roamed away to make their exit, though they did receive a care package from Kennedy Loser containing a supply of Old Bay, eel care supplies, and an assortment of junk McBlase II had left lying around the Crabitat last time they were in Baltimore.

On the Millennials

McBlase II has stated that she came to New York for two reasons; first, that “it wasn’t Baltimore”, and second that “all the best supervillains went to New York at some point!” However, some have speculated that New York City’s reputation as a place people come to start over played a role in her Roam as well.

Whatever the reasons, at the end of Season 21 McBlase II arrived at the Apartment, declared herself a new member of the team, and immediately took the last eggs from the Apartment fridge to use in a “super-chicken experiment”.

McBlase II proceeded to wreak havoc, as was her wont. Initially, she offered to weaponize the Apartment, but after Patty Fox politely yet firmly denied, she released a quantity of eels into the Apartment plumbing. It is currently unclear whether this was out of revenge or just because she wanted to.

Despite her shenaniganry, McBlase II seemed to thrive on the Millennials. She bonded quickly with Mullen Peterson, whose engineering know-how and level-headed demeanor provided a good counterbalance to McBlase II’s large and explosive plans, and during her time in the Millennials’ Shadows befriended Charlatan Seabright, who gave her a crash course in both makeup and piracy. Despite some initial awkwardness with former Spy Andrew Solis, tensions lessened considerably when Solis reminded McBlase II he had left the Spies long before her creation, and had no more preexisting bias against her than any of the other Millennials.

When asked if McBlase II’s villainous schemes had been disruptive to the team, Mills player Conrad Vaughan said “Oh, Eve’s really a sweetie when you get down to it! And her ‘machinations’ are actually kind of helpful sometimes.” Theodore Cervantes added that “We will not shun Eve for her machinations, and in return we ask only that she deal with the consequences herself. This arrangement is working nicely.”

As the Season 22 Elections approached, many assumed McBlase II would again Roam away. However, for the first time since Season 17, McBlase II didn’t leave. She has stated that she “just sort of liked it here”, although an anonymous tip suggested that the Millennials had insisted she not leave until she cleared all the eels out of the plumbing.

Whatever the reason, Evelton McBlase II stayed with the Millennials for an additional two seasons, and was with them when the Black Hole(Black Hole) arrived.