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Electric is a Team Blood Type Modification, first seen during the Season β7 Election as a result of the Closed Circuit blessing. It is an Exclusive Modification of the Miami Dale.


Batters with Electric or on a Team with Electric can occasionally zap away strikes, giving them one extra strike before they are struck out.

Pitchers with Electric or on a Team with Electric can occasionally zap away balls, giving them one extra ball before they give up a walk.


Electric was first seen during the Season β7 Election, granted from the Closed Circuit Blessing, with the description "Plug in. Give your team Electric blood type.". The Miami Dale won this blessing, with the following message:

  • Closed Circuit blessed the Miami Dale.

The Dale activated Electric twice on their opening game of Season β8, with Avila Guzman followed by Raúl Leal zapping away strikes in the fifth inning. On day 76 of the season, the Dale zapped away 15 strikes - the most seen in any one game that season.

A Blood Type

The Charleston Shoe Thieves gained A Blood Type in the Season β18 Elections, giving them a random Blood Type modification each game. They activated Electric and zapped away strikes for the first time on Season β19, Day 15.


  • In the Short Circuits, a new effect was seen on players receiving Electric blood blessings - pitchers would be able to zap balls away, giving them more opportunities to strike a batter out before they would be able to draw a walk.