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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

In blaseball, the Dugout is a team's bench and is located in foul territory between home plate and either first or third base. There are two Dugouts, one for the home team and one for the visiting team. In general, the Dugout is occupied by all players not prescribed to be on the field at that particular time, as well as coaches, and other personnel authorized by the league. The players' equipment (gloves, bats, batting helmets, catcher's equipment, etc.) are usually stored in the Dugout.

It is said that should a player die by any means other than incineration, they will be consigned to the Dugout for the rest of eternity and never know true rest. Players have been known, however, to mysteriously disappear from the dugout - Hellmouth Sunbeams fans often insist that those unfortunate ones have been pulled from undeath in the Dugout into Blazibaal's service.