Dr. Helio Fisic

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Dr. Helio Fisic is the team physician for the Boston Flowers.

As a being made entirely of plasma similar to the Sun, Dr. Fisic ages quite slowly due to aer light particles moving faster than the planet’s rotation; ae claims to have graduated from Tlufts University School of Medicine “just the other day,” despite it having been destroyed during The Big Dunk.

Dr. Fisic has an encyclopedic knowledge on physiology, anatomy, phytotomy, and biochemistry, described as being “light-years ahead” of even well-established research facilities. However, ae has difficulty communicating through means other than ISL (Internet Sun Language). At this time, aer’s interpreters are Inez Owens, Hiroto Cerna, and Gloria Bugsnax, with the latter two disregarding their duties by making crude science jokes or attempting to affectionately bite aer, respectively.

Dr. Fisic holds onto few earthly possessions, save for aer team-colored lab coat and satchel. By reasons not entirely known to us, Dr. Fisic is able to produce any item ae so desires from the satchel. At this time, the only items pulled from the satchel have been a glucometer, two cans of V-L8, and forty-nine cotton candy flavored lollipops. This has been tremendously helpful for consoling Jacob Haynes after failing to steal bases.