Denzel Scott/IF-210.78

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Denzel Scott is the name of various cars whose license plates read DNZL SCT. Scott appears in many different forms and the limits of their transformation abilities are not known. As a car, Scott can take many forms, often opting for a sporty or subtle look. Some of Scott’s popular forms include an Honda Odyssey, an inconspicuous telephone company van, a limousine, an Aston Martin DB5, KITT, and a 1958 Denzel 1300WD. Unredacted records of the Houston Spies do not indicate how Scott came to be a member of the Spies agency nor of the Spies Blaseball team, and efforts to interview Scott on these points have thus far only been met with Scott peeling out and driving away.

Upon first joining the Spies, they were one of the teams worst pitchers, alongside Math Velazquez, until both received replacement elbows, despite neither having arms. Because of a Season 9, Day 52 Reverb event, both became hitters, where they have performed well. When hitting the ball, Scott does not use a bat, but rather opens a door to slam it into the ball.

While Scott can communicate via speech through the various car radios (and in one instance an ice cream truck speaker), documents reveal they prefer to communicate through selective song playing, finding appropriate lyrical responses to the conversation. When Scott curses or discusses classified information, the car horn honks, censoring whatever it was they said. Observation reveals that any number of passengers can fit into their various forms, as the entire Houston Spies Blaseball team has been observed entering Scott’s Honda Odyssey form, despite a standard Honda Odyssey only containing room for seven passengers. Observation also reveals that only Son Scotch is allowed to sit in the driver’s seat.


Scott is a polite and conscientious vehicle. Whenever passengers go to enter their various forms, the doors always open for them, and the interior is always the perfect temperature for each passenger. Scott also volunteers for designated driver duty whenever necessary. Interviews with Spies reveal that Scott also does the dishes without being asked, pays the rent early, and keeps the bathrooms at Spies HQ sparklingly clean, despite being a car and seemingly being incapable of performing such tasks. These same interviews state that Scott has never been observed doing these tasks, and never states they’ve done them, and yet every Spy knows instinctively Scott was responsible.