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Peanut Holloway (previously known as Dan Holloway) is a lineup player for the Philly Pies, and was with the team since the Season 17 elections. Holloway has previously played for the THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, Chicago Firefighters, and New York Millennials.

Official League Records

Holloway joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Philly Pies on Season 2, Day 93 after the incineration of Cedric Gonzalez.

Holloway's first name was previously Dan. At the end of Season 2, the when the Peanuts decree was selected by participants, all players in Internet League Blaseball who had the name "Dan" became "Peanut." This also happened to Peanutiel Duffy and Peanut Bong.

During the Season 5 election, Holloway's batting, pitching, and defense fell by -star as a part of the Charleston Shoe Thieves' Bad Neighbors blessing.

During the Pies' Season 7, Day 91 game against the Charleston Shoe Thieves, Holloway partied and received a -star boost to baserunning.

At the end of the regular games in Season 7, Holloway, Peanut Bong and Peanutiel Duffy were above The Red Line on the Idols Leaderboard. The Shelled One then appeared and congratulated fans on properly idolising its progeny after their failure to during the previous season, causing The Third Strike. Following this, Holloway had gained the Honey Roasted modification.

On Season 9, Day X, Holloway was conscripted to THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS as a lineup player. Following the dispersal of the PODS during the Season 10 elections, Holloway joined the Chicago Firefighters as a lineup player.

During the Coffee Cup, Holloway played for Heavy FC as a lineup player.

Holloway was traded to the New York Millennials in exchange for NaN during the Season 13 elections via the Millennials' Exchange will.

On Season 15, Day 13, York Silk of the Baltimore Crabs hit a groundout to Holloway, causing Holloway to be Observed. Later, after play ended on Day 15, Holloway disappeared from the New York Millennials lineup, and they were Redacted.

On Season 17, Day 94, Holloway exited the Secret Base at the PolyHedron, losing Redacted and gaining the Attractor modification. Upon being batted in by Usurper Violet, Holloway joined the Philly Pies' bench.

During the Season 17 elections, Holloway joined the Pies's active roster in exchange for Yusef Puddles as a result of the Pies's Foreshadow will.

Biographical Information


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Peanut (formerly Dan) "Hollow Man" Holloway was an outfielder for the Philly Pies. A former military scientist, he developed a serum that can make a subject invisible. Instead of reporting his success to the military, Holloway lied to an oversight committee and convinced his team to go right into human testing. The procedure was performed on Holloway himself. The test was successful, rendering Holloway completely invisible. He enjoyed sneaking around the lab in order to scare and play pranks on his fellow co-workers, but the team became concerned that Holloway was taking it too far. The procedure to return him to visibility failed, and he was almost killed.

Holloway was quarantined in the laboratory due to his condition and the other researchers constructed a latex mask for him to wear around the lab. Unable to cope with the isolation, he defied instructions and left the building. Driving to his apartment to retrieve some lab supplies, he saw Tastycake Stadium, where he stopped to hit a few balls. He was discovered when players, mourning the recently incinerated Cedric Gonzalez, noticed blaseball rods seemingly floating on their own and hitting blaseballs out of the park. Impressing them with his talent and invisibility, Holloway was signed to the team.

Peanut Blessing

The Philadelphia Pies had confirmed on Twitter[1] that, prior to season 3, Peanut Holloway was, true to his name, completely hollow. This allowed Holloway to "allow for more blaseball energy to pass through him." After the peanuts blessing, however, he seems to now be filled with peanuts.

Prior to the peanuts blessing, Holloway was known as one of the quietest members of the team (and, indeed, the league) due to being empty and nearly weightless; he is now known to be quite crunchy.

Fan Works


Peanut Holloway Walk Up Music (Season 3)