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DD (commonly thought to stand for Doordash Driver or Delivery Driver) is the Baltimore Crabs’ personal food delivery driver, held on retainer as a staff member of the Crabitat.


Not much is known about DD, including her legal name, but she is a college student in the Baltimore area. When approached for comment by Baltimore Sun reporters, Crabs pitcher Alston Cerveza had only positive things to say about “DD’s punctuality”, her “propensity for delivering even the strangest of requests”, and “the good fortune [the Crabs] had in poaching her from her previous place of employment”.

DD is known to drive a silver 2004 Toyota Corolla (which, despite being given multiple Baltimore Crabs bumper stickers, does not bear a single one), and can often be seen making drop-offs at the Crabitat after hours. She is believed to occasionally deliver more than just food, but has declined to comment publicly on any of the team’s orders.

Orders for the Baltimore Crabs

The latest items logged in the “Delivery” section of the Crabitat’s annual expense report are featured below, and are updated every time the app refreshes, though all known entries can be found here.

2 family size bags of Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos

3 family size deluxe caesar salads

quote ‘as much live salmon as you can buy using Kennedy Loser’s credit card’


1 “I Got Crabs In Ocean City Maryland” T-Shirt, 1 strawberry-kiwi smoothie

5 cheesesteak subs (1 no onions, 1 no lettuce no tomato, 1 lettuce and mayo only, 1 onions only, 1 with “wet hot peppers”)

1 SodaStream, 1 gallon milk

3 Gallons Apple Cranberry Juice

1 Carvel brand Fudgey the Whale ice cream cake with “RIV JON HALIFAX” written in frosting

1 LED Christmas tree soldering practice kit, 1 Hlakko k-tip, 1 Hlakko soldering iron, 1 build your own ham radio kit, 1 small spool of desoldering braid, 1 6oz container of liquid flux, 1 large spool of extra lead soldering wire