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Curry Aliciakeyes/IF-3.776

Curry Aliciakeys is a nasty, purple little imp who loves to cause mischief. Curry Aliciakeys is also a teenage maintenance worker at the Yellowstone National Park Stadium. Collectively, these two individuals make up the star pitcher of the Yellowstone Magic.

This may be a little confusing. Allow me to explain.

The only thing that the imp known as Curry loved more than mayhem was blaseball, the greatest splort known to man and demon alike. They would sit in the stands during every game, their little paws itching to throw a ball or wield a bat. But alas, their hands were too tiny to do either. They resigned themself to haunting the stadium like a poltergeist, throwing hot dogs on the ground and upending barrels of peanuts.

Then one day, during a particularly boring game, their attention drifted from the game to the aisle, where they noticed a spotty teenager leaning on a mop, looking wistfully at the field. Curry recognized that look. It was the same look they had on their own face, day after day. This yearning was something they surely shared: a yearning for the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of major league blaseball.

A brief conversation with the child confirmed Curry’s suspicions. By sheer coincidence - or perhaps fate? - her name was also Curry Aliciakeys. She had been working at Yellowstone Stadium during weekends and holidays for a few years now. Curry, the human, longed to play blaseball like the champions she watched in the field, but she simply lacked the skill, the will, the nerve. Curry, the imp, explained that they had the exact opposite problem - they had been studying the theory of blaseball for years, and were sure that they could wipe the floor with the competition, if only they had a human body.

The solution was obvious. Curry (the imp) possessed the body of Curry (the human teenager), and after a rousing training montage, they showed up to a Magic tryout and dazzled talent scouts with their combined skills. Curry and Curry mostly lead independent lives, joining their consciousnesses only for Magic practices and games, but are very close friends. When Curry goes off to college, she plans to split a small apartment with Curry. They have movie nights sometimes, it’s very rad.

Curry the imp has a side-hustle where they possess willing peoples’ bodies and take them on high-octane fitness routines while their consciousnesses take a nap or think about TV. Curry the human is a senior in high school, currently studying for the SLAT, and is working in a movie theater when she and the other Curry aren’t training with the Magic. As of season 8, Curry are by far the greatest pitcher on the team.

Curry Aliciakeyes/IF-44.676

Impish Charms

Curry Aliciakeyes is a purple stadium imp who plays for the Yellowstone Magic. They joined the team after helping Zion work on her mech so she could play for the Hades Tigers. Many have theorized that Curry and Zion are in fact the same player, however this cannot be true because Curry wears glasses and Zion doesn't.

Curry spends their off time helping clean their home park. This usually means picking up litter on hiking trails, often thrown there by their mortal nemesis Sutton Picklestein. They take special care of a campsite usually found 2/3rds of the way down the home base line, a popular tourist spot known that has become known as "Curry's Campground". It is one of the few areas in Yellowstone with cell phone service.

At first glance Curry may seem to struggle with their pitching, as their tiny wings (*small even for a stadium imp) can barely support the weight of the blaseball. However, this had lead to them developing their own style of frantic, cyclonic-dervish style of pitching that supposedly uses this to their advantage. Their desperate attempts to spin fast enough to propel the ball over the plate leads to them throwing wild unpredictable pitches that leave both the batter (and themselves) off balance.

Curry enjoys sharing time with fellow Magic Players Washer Barajas, Eizabeth Elliott, and Cory Twelve.

Some believe that Curry appears to slightly favor Cory Twelve, being that they're a small reminder of the time spent with Zion helping build her mech. That is, if it's true that Curry and Zion are two different people. Which they are. The glasses clearly prove it.

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