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Community History
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This page details the story of the Night Vision Goggles and how they were won by a single fan of the Baltimore Crabs in the Season 6 Election.


In Season 6 the Baltimore Crabs were fresh off of their historic 5 blessing win in the Season 5 Election and their voting strategy was taking a different turn, notably splitting for the first time into a “this would be funny” strategy and a “this will make us good” strategy. As such the Crabs we were considering something they usually skipped over – a single player blessing; In this case the Night Vision Goggles. This was not because they were any good, with Solar Eclipse weather being rare enough that it wouldn't make a gameplay change, but because the idea of Tot Fox in some tiny sunglasses was a very tempting possibility.

Enter a Crabitat regular: Old Fae. Fae was known for making more money in one season than most people make in 3, and while Crabs had asked for the secret to his success reportedly the trick was to “bet money on whoever is going to win the game” and “Idolize the pitcher who is going to pitch a shutout”.

At this point Fae had the opportunity to test something: Could a single fan change the outcome of an election? The plan was simple: Night Vision Goggles would be a low-contested blessing, something where a couple thousand votes could sway the raffle. So Fae would sink all of his votes into it and be the only Crab to do so.

The Results

As the results of the Season 6 Election were announced, with 7,956 votes (5214 of which were from Fae) the Night Vision Goggles were awarded to the Crab’s own Sutton Dreamy, who wore the item until all items were lost in Season 14. In the end Fae submitted 11% of the total vote himself and the event is often referred to as the time "Fae bought a blessing".