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Cluttered is a Player Modification first seen as a result of the Cluttered Blessing in Season β19.


A Player with Cluttered will play with a boost of 20% * f, with f being the amount of Filthiness in the Ballpark they are playing in and f = 1 being a full bar.[1] For example, a Cluttered Player in a Ballpark with a half-full Filthiness bar (and thus f = 0.5) will play with a 10% boost.


Cluttered was first offered in Season β19 with the Blessing of the same name, which was won by the Ohio Worms and went to Scratch Deleuze. It was offered again in Season β21, where it was won by the Kansas City Breath Mints and went to Rodriguez Internet.


  • Since Filthiness doesn't actually cap out at 1 despite appearing as full, Cluttered theoretically has no limit on its boost.

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